The New Blackberry Curve 9360 Includes An Excellent Camera

Blackberry mobile phones are renowned for their excellence at messaging and connectivity but how do they perform when it comes to multi media activities such as photography and video capture? We look at these features on the exciting new Blackberry Curve 9360, the newest device released by manufacturer RIM.

The camera feature on the Curve 9360 is capable of capturing photographic images at a resolution of 5 million pixels. This quality is the highest available on any Blackberry device and it is pleasing to see it featured on a model such as the 9360 which is one of the lower priced handsets in the range. When taking a photograph you are presented with a simple interface that comprises of a bar that occupies a section at the bottom of the screen. In the centre of this bar is the shutter key and it is flanked by buttons that enable you to activate the flash facility, switch on the geotagging services and an option for choosing from a number of different preset scene modes. The camera is quite basic compared to many top end smartphones but you do have the option to manually change the resolution of the picture you are taking. Many people will automatically leave the setting on its maximum possible resolution however if you are taking snaps that you intend to upload then reducing the quality to 3 million pixels is advisable as it will speed up the whole upload process. In terms of the final results the photographic quality of the Curve 9360 is fairly impressive. Picture noise is minimal in the images that we captured and a good level of contrast and sharpness was achieved in most shots.

For video capture the interface on the Blackberry Curve 9360 is fairly similar to the one used for still photography. The options bar is once again restricted to a small section at the bottom of the screen which leaves the rest of the display available for you to view what you are recording. In terms of quality the video capture is not the highest resolution that you will be able to find. The model can record footage at VGA quality which is considerably lower than the HD standard offered on rival handsets such as the HTC Desire S. Despite the lower resolution the phone manages to capture a great frame rate of 30 per second which does help the final results look surprisingly clear. The video recordings impress more than they should, just like the still photography we looked at earlier. A great level of detail is maintained and colours are accurately captured. The facility is never likely to win any awards but conversely there are many worse examples of video capture currently available.

The Blackberry Curve 9360 is not marketed as a multi media device and therefore we did not expect much from the camera and video features. We were pleasantly surprised with the results however which were of a high quality and certainly rivalled many other phones available at the same price point.

The Blackberry Curve 9360 and the HTC Desire S are available now.


An Evaluation Of Design On The Blackberry Curve 9360

After releasing several touchscreen models over the past year Blackberry have returned to their famous Qwerty design with the new Curve 9360. This stylish design is aimed at the cheaper end of the market and is likely to appeal to a younger audience than previous Curve handsets thanks to its attractive price and the hugely popular BBM instant messaging system that it incorporates. We take a detailed look at the design of this excellent new model.

The Blackberry Curve 9360 is instantly recognisable as an RIM design thanks to the Qwerty keypad together with the attractive curved edges that have made the Curve range famous over the years. Despite its traditional appearance however the design of this model looks far from dated. Blackberry have worked hard to make this handset the slimmest they have ever produced at just 11mm in depth. In an effort to keep the cost of this phone to a minimum the chassis of the phone is constructed entirely from plastic rather than incorporating metallic elements that push the cost up. This plastic is finished in a glossy black colour rather similar to the Samsung Galaxy S2. An advantage to the plastic body is that the weight of the model can be kept to a rather impressive 99 grammes which is considerably lighter than many modern smartphones.

When you take a look around this model you will notice that the front is split equally between a 2.46 display and the full keypad that occupies the bottom half of the fascia. The buttons on the keypad are surprisingly well spaced out for such a compact model and this is because RIM have opted to use a design that utilises four rows of keys rather than five. This does mean that numbers share a key with a letter on the top row but this does not pose a problem in terms of operation. A number of the buttons on the phone are also assigned as a shortcut to another area of the phone. An example of this is the hash key which acts as a toggle for the phones silent mode and the star key which locks the keypad. As the Blackberry Curve 9360 does not feature a touchscreen all navigation is performed via an optical trackpad. This is designed to be used with either your thumb or your finger and is located between the screen and the keypad. Above the phones display you will find the earpiece and an LED indicator that helps alerts you to incoming calls and messages.

The Blackberry Curve 9360 scores highly for its styling and manages to look like a much more premium device than it actually is. The well designed Qwerty keypad is easy to use and the optical trackpad offers a level of precision that is sometimes lacking in many touchscreen models.

The Blackberry Curve 9360 and the Samsung Galaxy S2 are available now.


BlackBerry Torch 9860 – RIM’s First All Touch BlackBerry

Currently Research In Motion (RIM) has released two variations of the popular Torch 9800. These are the 9860 and the 9810. However, the two phones are completely different. The 9810 is mirror image of its predecessor. It comes with the same 3.2 inch display and a slide out QWERTY keyboard. The other variant comes with a 3.7 inch panel. However, you will find a limited number of buttons on the phone’s face. It does not come with a QWERTY keyboard. It is offers a predominantly touch interface. This is the first time RIM has created a phone of this nature.

The phone’s touch screen offers a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels with a pixel density of 252 PPI. This is one of the enhancements this new handset has to offer. Its predecessor only comes with a resolution of 360 x 480 pixels with a pixel density of 188 PPI. In the original version, users were unable to enjoy from high-definition playback. With this new smartphone, you will enjoy HD video playback. You will also be allowed to record high-definition videos. Like its predecessor, the phone comes with a 5 megapixel camera. Unlike its predecessor, this new phone can record videos in 720p.

To date, this is the biggest display among all RIM handsets. The 3.7 inch display on the BlackBerry Torch 9860 will allow you to enjoy 720p video playback on a bigger screen. It will allow you to enjoy more from high-definition video streaming thanks to HTML 5 support. In addition to streamed or recorded videos, it will also allow you to better view captured images. You will definitely enjoy your photos in rich detail.

Thanks to Liquid Graphics included in the BB 7 OS, the BlackBerry Torch 9860 is extremely responsive to gestures made by your fingertips. This capability will allow you to pan, scroll, and zoom with ease. Furthermore, it will allow you to play intense games with its superior graphics processing unit. Coupled with a 1.2 GHz single-core processor, a touch interface and better game graphics is now possible.

One of the reasons RIM enthusiasts prefer the Canadian phone manufacturer’s handsets is due to their QWERTY keyboards. Not having one may be deterrent. However, you will discover that the phone comes with a virtual QWERTY keyboard that replicates its physical counterparts. This means that you will be able to chat, respond to emails, and edit document just like before.

With the Torch 9860, you will get to experience the very first all touch BlackBerry.

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BlackBerry Torch 9810 – Will Allow You To Do It All At Once

If you owned a 9800 in the past, you must have been thrilled with the best-of-both-worlds design of this model. It comes with a 3.2 inch TFT capacitive touch screen and a slide out physical QWERTY keyboard. This allowed you to enjoy from a touch interface. If ever you needed to type more efficiently, all you needed to do was slide out the phone’s keyboard. However, one of the capabilities this phone fell short on was multi-tasking. This meant that you could not do everything you wanted to do all at once. This will no longer be the case with the BlackBerry Torch 9810.

Upon first glance at both models, you will notice that the two phones look exactly the same. They both come with the same design, screen size, and slide out physical QWERTY keyboard. However, once you take a look at the phones’ inner components and software, you will notice a huge difference.

One of the biggest differences between the two is their central processing units. The original version comes with a 624 MHz single-core processor under the hood. This was enough to get single tasks done. However, you will notice a decrease in performance once you try to open multiple applications and functions. With the BlackBerry Torch 9810, this will no longer be the case. It comes with a 1.2 GHz single-core processor under the hood. This delivers twice as much processing power compared to its predecessor. This will allow you to run multiple tasks all at once. Multi-tasking will never be a problem with this smartphone. Since it comes with a graphics processing unit, you are sure to enjoy more from intense graphics. This means that the phone is more than capable of running apps that put a lot of stress on the processor such as games.

Aside from the powerful 1.2 GHz single-core processor within the BlackBerry Torch 9810, it also comes with the latest software Research In Motion has to offer. It comes pre-installed with the BB 7 OS. This operating system will allow you to multi-task effortlessly. It allows its users to browse, email, and access social media networks simultaneously. You can get all of these things accomplished while receiving important notifications. Another convenient feature of the BB 7 OS is BBM app integration. This means that you can run apps while chatting on the BBM.

Thanks to the powerful processor and the latest software, the BlackBerry Torch 9810 will allow you to do it all at once.

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Blackberry 8520 Red – Good to be Your First Smartphone

Blackberry 8520 Red is certainly an amazing mobile phone and if you are in search of a smart phone first time, so this is a great choice for you. This GSM phone works on 2G network and can be availed in black color. Features of this amazing smartphone have made it a rock star in its range.

Specs List

Blackberry 8520Its professional yet elegant body looks classy and its measurement will be noticed as 6cm wide, 10.9cm tall and 1.39cm deep. You will love to hold Blackberry 8520 Red because this nice-looking gadget is just of 106 grams heavy.Inclusion of 256 MB is good with memory card slot owning capability of holding up to 32GB microSD type cards. After knowing its storage capacity, it is needless to say that this mind-blowing phone takes pride to store limitless files inside it.

With 320 x 240 pixels resolution and 65K colors, 2.46 inches TFT screen is quite cool to welcome the instructions of users. Along with it, this gizmo also entices the users because of incorporating Touch-sensitive optical trackpad, Security Password Protection, Keyboard Lock, Keyboard Backlight and QWERTY keyboard.Blackberry 8520 Red has ability to keep you up-to-date and it is because of SMS (Text Messaging), MMS (Multimedia Messaging), Wireless Email with Attachments and Instant Messaging facilities.

Well, this user-friendly phone is with-it in networking services as it is covering WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, Class 10 GPRS (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 – 48 kbps, Class 10 EDGE 236.8 kbps and HTML Browser. More than these features, using USB port and Bluetooth is also too easy on this mobile phone.Presence of two mega pixel camera has added Blackberry 8520 Red in the list of photography fans as they will be allowed to click still pictures (1600×1200 pixels resolution) along with 5 x Digital Zoom, Flash, Camera Settings & Viewfinder Display. Also, it supports for video recording (QVGA quality).

You can entertain yourself by listening to MP3, eAAC+, WMA & WAV files on audio player of Red Blackberry 8520. While Video Player is also present to keep you in good mood with choices like MPEG4, WMV, H263 & H264 formats. Your experience of listening to music will be better when you will utilize 3.5mm jack along with dedicated music keys.You can’t expect RJ chat shows, but games are something that you would love to have for killing the boredom in leisure time.

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Blackberry contract phones –The best there is

There are a lot of charismatic Blackberry mobile phones in the market today. There are inherently very competitive and comes with great design and features. No matter what your needs are, from connecting with friends on social networking sites to keeping track with your business affair.

It makes sure it does the job in a very efficient way. In several of it’s mobiles it has incorporated,blackberry 7 Operating system, where you can social network so conveniently, send updates to all networks real fast. Now you can even manage two separate identities, one personal and theother professional. Live streaming videos takes lesser time even possible on other mobiles.With a lot of other tasks like e-mailing, messaging, multi-tasking all made easy and convenient. On the other hand blackberry phones like Blackberry torch 9800 comes with 8 MP superior cameraswith LED flash and cameras infront of the mobile. And internal memory of 8 GB, along with expendable memory upto 32 GB Sandisk card. Blackberry phones comes laced with amazing music players with a variety of audio file formats, highly sensitive touchscreen display with fine colour. Blackberries have got messengers with which you can chat with your other blackberry buddies. This smart phone has got an amazing collection of applications ready to dazzle your experience.

There are many desirable Blackberry contract phones in the UK which created a buzz among the people for the benefits it is providing. Blackberry bold 9780 is currently coming with great offers from major service providers such as Vodafone, O2, Virgin, 3 mobile, Orange and 3 mobile.So is Blackberry Torch 9900 which is also selling like hot pancakes. Through the various online dealer making very interesting offers with the most popular network providers. In the online market place one can find Cheap Blackberry Phones with splendid free gifts like laptops, cameras,Xbox, Nintendo, LCD TVs, house hold appliances and many more. Along with other incentives such as cash back offers, free line rental, free messages, free talk time etc. The major advantage in a Blackberry Contract Phones is that these high tech gizmos can be taken by only paying the monthly rental plan of the contract deal. With lots of free gifts to take away. In the Blackberry phone deals, you also get to select from pay-as-you-go(pre paid) or free sim phones. Opening up new options, for you to choose your plan.