Well-Structured Solar Energy Investments

PowerLight served because the turnkey solar power system supplier, with overall responsibility for the project’s development, design, construction, and repair. The photovoltaic modules were created by Sharp Electronics. Siemens AG provided all electrical construction and equipment, like inverters. The solar power plant was designed on fallow fields formerly used for agricultural functions. The area, however, still provides ecological benefits; herds of Moorland sheep graze the pastures and keep the grass short beneath the φωτοβολταικα συστηματα panels and intensive vegetation areas were planted to boost the mixing of the project website into the environment.

φωτοβολταικα is a very important and highly reliable supply of power,” said Janine Schellhorn, Chief Managing Director of DSF. “Well-structured solar energy investments supply investors a solid investment with fascinating after-tax yields. Additionally, they contribute to a sustainable energy future and environmental protection.

Together with PowerLight and Siemens, regional firms K&S Consulting, Max Boegl cluster and Klebl GmbH worked on the event and construction of the solar parks. All 3 solar power plants began manufacturing electricity throughout 2004. Interconnection to the electrical grid was secured by the regional German utility E.ON Bayern and E.ON Netz. The German EEG guarantees a 20-year power purchase for electricity created from renewable energy sources.

The dedication included varied guests from the governmental, business, media, and regional communities. Honored guest Dr. Hermann Scheer, president of EUROSOLAR and Member of Parliament, affirmed in his speech that “photovoltaic energy is that the most intelligent energy technology of all time. It establishes a brand new era of environmentally friendly, sustainable, freelance, and cost-effective power for everyone.” alternative dignitaries gift included Takashi Tomita, company director, Sharp Corporation and Patricia Mulroy, general manager, Las Vegas Valley Water District.

The world’s largest photovoltaic system additional validates Germany’s forward-looking energy policies. Bavaria Solarpark -and similar comes like it- reinforce Germany’s leadership in deploying renewable energy.