What it Takes to Successfully Implement A Training Program for Selling

How successful would your favorite NBA team be if all the players did what they wanted during the game?

Well, developing a solid sales team requires every player to be following the same playbook, practicing the same skills and speaking the same language. And that can only come about by successfully implementing a training program in St. Louis.

Think about it: When a whole sales force is speaking a common language and using a common process, the members can easily communicate. Therefore, management and inside staff can assist in the development of the sales team easily.

What is requried to successfully implement a training program?

Step One: 100% Management Commitment

No selling system or sales training program will succeed unless your management team, from the top down, is one hundred percent committed to the effort. I’m not referring to only showing up for the first 10 minutes of training. Your company’s leadership needs to see the value, communicate the value, and be prepared to reinforce its implementation for long-haul.

Step Two: 100% Sales Force Buy In

Experience shows me that most sales training programs fail becasue companie’s view them as the newest thing that month. In management’s desire to do something right and to grow sales, they continually fall victim to flashy direct-mail pieces that promise to ignite their sales force overnight and for not a lot of money. You have to admit that these brochures sound great but the reality is far different. To develop true sales success across an organization takes investments in time, energy, and substantial financial resources. The day your sales force recognizes that all three of these investments are being made is the day you will get their buy in.

Step Three: Ongoing Support And Reinforcement

The best sales training programs, including ours, do not work overnight. It is a fact that adults learn incrementally through ongoing repetition. You don’t have to take my word for it. The skilled trades have recognized this for hundreds of years and have developed apprenticeship programs that slowly and steadily develop the skills of their practitioners. Click here to see more about the slow process of mastering selling.

Mastering the ways of selling takes high levels of ongoing commitment and even more skill. So, don’t be swayed by quick-fix seminar charlatans. Any training program that is bound to work will require time, energy, and money. There is simply no way around it.

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