What do window cleaners provide

Professional window cleaners do not just window clean. They provide lots of other useful services around the home or office.

High pressure cleaning

Pressure cleaning can be used on every external surface of your building because it is gentle on your glass and property. From walls to driveways, some markings can be very difficult and time consuming to remove by hand. High pressure water can create superb results in eliminating the toughest of grime, mould, dust and dirt.

Builders clean

A property needs to be made presentable after renovations so that it can be used. This kind of clean needs to be through and can include:-

•    Clearing and removal of all rubbish, construction dust, and left over building materials

•    Cleaning and polishing of hard surface floors and bench tops.

•    Clearing of driveways, footpaths and car parking areas

Skylight cleaning

Skylights can be impressive and effective in getting natural light in to your property and should be cleaned once or twice a year. This will prevent the grime from building up, and causing lasting damage to the surface. Overtime the dirt and grime will cause a skylight to look cloudy and can lead to expensive replacement costs.

Clean Window frame

The build up of dust and dirt upon window frames can cause:-

•    A property to look messy and poorly maintained.

•    Health and sanitation problems for people with medical hypersensitivities.

•    The frame of the window to rot or erode.

Flyscreen and security screen cleaning

Dirty flyscreens can look unpleasant and may limit fresh air entering and therefore decreasing air quality. The liveability of a room can be dramatically improved by a professional window cleaner maintaining your flyscreens and security screens.

Window tracks vacuumed and wiped

Windows and doors can travel along running tracks that can get clogged with dirt and rubbish. This can affect the performance of running gear and can cause damage to the wheels and bearings if not regularly cleaned.

High ladder, pole work and abseiling

It’s not unusual for windows of residential and commercial buildings to be out of reach even with the use of a ladder. These windows require specialised equipment that professional window cleaners have. Not all window cleaners have the specific industry accreditation and appropriate workplace training. However it is important you have a competent and qualified person getting these tasks down. You safety is far too important so let us help you find the best window cleaner for your job.

Internal and External Window cleaning

And last of all, professional window cleaners can cleaned both the inside and outside of your windows. This will create the best results and as a window will not look cleaned unless both sides are done.  A professional window cleaner will make sure all markings are removed creating spotless results.

When you request a window cleaner through www.windowcleaning2you.com.au using our simple online form, don’t forget that it may also be possible to get these other services also.

When you request a Window Cleaner through www.windowcleaning2you.com.au using our simple online form, don’t forget that it may also be possible to get these other services also.