Vibraslim Tends To Be an Effective Vibration Fitness Device with Its Ultra Vibration Features

Vibraslim turns to be an effective vibration fitness device; well-reviewed by various well-known personalities and health magazines.

Los Angeles, California, July 11, 2012: vibraslim receives good reviews by prestigious magazines and the celebrity consumers. Vibraslim works on whole body vibration via its efficient vibrating plate machine. The vibrating plate machines of vibraslim are of 22*14 inches in dimensions. The vibration plate’s reviews by millions of consumers reveal that these plates are much stable and effective than the contemporary vibration fitness machines. The vibration mode of vibraslim is oscillating between vibration, and the speeds can be altered to 17 different vibration settings. Vibraslim possesses amplitude of 1-10 mm. The net and gross weight of vibraslim is 92 and 99 pounds respectively. The frequency of plate vibration in vibraslim is 1-30 Hz. It constitutes 5 different programs.

According to a spokesperson of the company, “Vibraslim is one of the best whole body vibration machines”. The company declares that this vibration fitness machine can effectively work on the whole body. It improves blood circulation, metabolism and helps the user to remain more active. The vibration machine reviews also reveal that working only 10 minutes a day on vibraslim makes the users more active. A spokesperson of the company has been quoted saying, “Vibraslim has been built, concerning the advance vibration fitness technology, and hence it leaves no scopes for consumer dissatisfaction.” The company also hosts a separate section in their official site, which states the methodologies of whole-body vibration training.

“The vibration exercise has been known for a long time, and usually one cannot perform it by himself/herself, a machine is needed. However, most of the contemporary vibration fitness machines were unable to cope with the consumers’ requirements and did not provide what they assured. Vibraslim is swift and effective to co-ordinate with the busy schedules of people today,” a spokesperson was quotes saying, when asked about how vibraslim tends to be more active than other such as machines. This vibration exercise machine can be utilized 10-minute day for at least three times a week to achieve swift results.

The company has made vibraslim available at $1699 for sale, whereas the regular cost of the device is $2199. The company assures the consumers with 100% satisfaction, but also issues a 7-day money-back guarantee of any kind of consumer displeasure.

About the company: The company has high expectations on its latest invention and ushers a confidence over its utilities. The company is motivated to the implementation of advanced and innovative vibration fitness technology in vibraslim, so that it can satisfy the people’s requirements.

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