Vehicle Accidents NEVER Leave the Scene

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In the event you are involved in an incident with another vehicle or pedestrian, do not leave the scene of the car accident. Leaving can subject you to criminal prosecution even when the collision wasn’t your fault.

Stop your car or truck and try your best to avoid endangering anyone. One you have made sure that everyone is ok, and no one is hurt, try to alert oncoming traffic with flares, reflectors, or even a flashlight. If it is possible, place a person to flag down oncoming motor vehicles to be able to alert them concerning the accident.

What should I do immediately after the incident?

first. If you or anyone else is harmed, call 911. Don’t attempt to be a hero. If you are hurt, you must seek medical attention. If your injuries do need medical attention, be sure you follow your physician’s recommended treatment.

Second. It’s very important so we’ll say it once again: Contact the authorities. If at all possible, obtain a copy of the police accident report.

third. If you aren’t injured and capable, make information of all the important specifics of the actual scene. While time might really feel like it stops immediately after an automobile accident, witnesses may quickly leave the scene, and law enforcement will want to clear the area. Take action immediately in order to:

-secure contact information, such as the name, address, a contact number , in addition to vehicle insurance coverage pertaining to the other motorist,

What you need to do if you are hit by uninsured motorist ?

-identify and secure contact info for all witnesses, including name, address, and telephone number. If at all possible, obtain a quick statement from the witness while the automobile accident is fresh in their mind. Memories fade and a will probably not be brought until long after the accident takes place,

-note the make, model, color of the other automobile or perhaps motors involved in the accident.

When you are safe and sound, make extra information you are able to in regards to the accident including details about the scene and just how the car accident occurred . If it helps, sketch a picture of the area.

fourth. Do not volunteer any details about who is to blame. Leave the obligation of setting blame for the accident on law enforcement. If the other motorist admits that he or she is at fault, make note of the discussion.

5. For those who have a cell phone or even a video camera, take snap shots of the scene. It wouldn’t be considered a bad idea to always keep a disposable camera in your own glove box. Law enforcement will work to completely clean up the incident scene immediately. A picture of the damage immediately after it occurs may prove to be very beneficial later.

Following the Automobile accident

In case you are harmed, the best thing that can be done is speak with your family doctor and follow her or his recommended course of treatment.

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