Tips for Long-Term Health and Creativity

You are an author. You enjoy what you do and do not want to leave until you croak. Retirement is for normal people. But what happens as soon as your body, mind and character betray that great perennial fantasy because of improvements some claim are natural areas of aging?If you’re something like me, you fight like hell!Being a writer by day, when my own, personal biochemical methods proceeded the fritz, I scrambled for their user’s guide, but could not find one anywhere. So within the next three years I did the investigation and produced one.And along the way I discovered some remarkable, no, down-right heretical, issues you will not get from most health and medical solutions. What follows is really a sampling of the strategies I’ve learned to support authors, male and female alike, hold our health and the creative love that fuels our imaginations.#1 KILLER OF WOMEN AND MEN CORNEREDIf you’re not worried about heart disease, you should be. It’s the best killer of men over 45. And it is 9 times more fatal to girls than breast cancer.Best solution to avoid it? Lower inflammation.Watch for symptoms of common low-level infections such as gum infection or sinusitis and treat them with medicines or other appropriate solutions. Digest omega-3 efas from fish, fish oils and certain nuts. And get supplements B6 (~3 mg) and folate/folic p (~400 mcg) daily-plus B12 if you do not generally eat foods containing flour-to minimize risk of heart attack with a massive 24% to 50%.C-reactive protein (CRP) and homocysteine amounts are markers for infection and are the most reliable predictors of heart disease found up to now. Have your doctor always check them each year.CHOLESTEROL EXONERATED (THE EVIL TWIN DID IT )Why didn’t my discussion of heart problems mention decreasing cholesterol? Since cholesterol is not harmful to you. In reality, you need cholesterol to create hormones, not just sex hormones but also the fight-or-flight hormone, cortisol.Until recently, high cholesterol levels were thought to predict heart disease since a lot of cholesterol is situated in blocked arteries. For you is oxidized cholesterol (along with the statins doctors often prescribe for high cholesterol) but even the American Heart Association now admits that the majority of heart attack victims have “ideal” cholesterol levels.What is bad. And that gives you still another reason to get plenty of anti-oxidants, specially vitamins C and E.SUNBATHE NAKED (WITHOUT SUNSCREEN, THAT IS )How’s that for heresy! Each one of these years we’ve been told that exposure to the sun’s rays causes cancer. Today we find a strong link between skin cancer and lack of sunlight.Turns out people who reside in sunny regions have a lower incidence of malignant melanoma than those in areas with less sunlight. The key here is vitamin D, which will be not actually a vitamin, but is a hormone your skin makes when subjected to these unfairly-maligned UVB rays.If you were to sunbathe at midday in Florida without sunscreen, your body can make up to 20,000 IU of vitamin D in about 30 minutes (for fair skin, and up to 6 times longer for the darkest skin. )Compare that to the usual customer caution to avoid vitamin D doses of over 2000 IU each day. In reality, certain exceedingly deficient patients have been given as much as 100,000 IU of vitamin D per day with no ill effects.Vitamin D deficiency has been implicated in most cancers, as well as heart disease, diabetes and obesity, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, gum disease, despair, arthritis, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis and other diseases.Even with regular doses of sunlight, seniors and those who live at higher latitudes (where UVB rays are minimal) may need to complement vitamin D (2,000-10,000 IU daily ).OFF-KILTER HORMONES TRIGGER CANCERConventional wisdom blames estrogen for chest, ovarian and uterine cancer, and testosterone for prostate cancer, as the implicated hormone indeed feeds those tumors. However the the fact is that many such cancers could be avoided by recognizing and correcting hormonal imbalances when they start five or more years before any signs occur.The true reason in these hormone-dependent cancers is estrogen uncontrolled by adequate progesterone (in females) or testosterone (in men). One of estrogen’s major jobs is to stimulate cell growth. When complementary hormones are too low, errant cell growth can cause DNA mutations.Since signs come too late for avoidance, you will have your (free or unbound) hormone levels tested for standard values now, and rechecked at the very least every 5 years starting around age 35. Progesterone and testosterone levels must be many times greater than estrogen, with specific proportions according to your gender. Complement any hormone that has dropped too low to balance your estrogen.TESTOSTERONE: THE HORMONE OF DESIREFor men and women equally, testosterone stimulates storage, imagination and passions of sorts. However the way to obtain testosterone, like other hormones, dwindles with age.If you will find yourself feeling apathetic, dull-brained, un-creative and unromantic, with suffering bone and muscles, always check your free testosterone levels. When you’re low, prescription testosterone (or its precursor, DHEA) could be exactly what you have to restore the old spark.

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