The Six Million Dollar Man is Promoting Experiencing Helps

In 1974 I was five years of age and there were just a couple of men that I looked as much as. A handful of men that I desired to emulate and end up like. They included my dad, Evel Knievel, Arthur Fonzarelli, and Colonel Steve Austin.Since that time I have found that Evel Knievel was a lunatic and an and that Henry Winkler, who pictured the Fonz, while a good person is approximately an out of 10 on the “flake” degree. But I still had Lee Majors. All things considered he was married to Farrah Fawcett, he should of had some super powers in real life.Boy was I in for a shock when I found Lee Majors selling his Bionic Rechargeable Hearing Aid. What a wakeup call. Could it be true? May be the Bionic Man getting old. Are his elements getting rusty?The most important question, needless to say, is what does all this mean for me? Am I getting old? Let us see, in 1974 I was five and in less than monthly I’ll be remembering my 39th birthday. I suppose I am at minimum growing older. Can I have a hearing aid in my future? Really he can be renewed by possibly.”We. We’ve the technology.” I think that is the way the introduction to the television show went. Do I must say I wish to be rebuilt? All things considered it labored for Pamela Lee Anderson. She was rebuilt.As for me I think I could hold off generally rebuilding point. I can watch for cataract surgery. I will await the hearing aid. I’ve yet to share with my partner to be sure some Metamucil or Denture treatment is picked up by her. And good Lord, I wish I never have to make sure I have an ample stock of Depends.I have had the old prostate examined. That was a good time.I only ask that my boyhood heroes go easy on me. Take it slow. Be gentle. Before she starts peddling her string of substitute hip locations that would be wonderful.The next thing when Lindsay Wagner of “Bionic Woman” reputation may wait a few years you are going to tell me is that Pete Rose is banned from baseball.

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