Tail-Wagging Trends: 4-Legged Loved ones. Members Appreciate Pet Food With Epicurean Polish

For several people, the estimated 73 million dogs in America aren’t just pets, they’re family members members. In reality, according to the American Pet Items Manufacturers Association (APPMA), 78 percent of owners consider their dog an “equal member” of the family members. Therefore, pet parents want to make sure their dogs are not only healthful-but happy.

The most recent innovations in pet merchandise and services evidence the expanding humanization of pets trend-from couture clothing, puppy showers and spa treatments to new loved ones-style food for dogs created with true, wholesome ingredients. In 2005, far more than $35.9 billion was spent on pets in the U.S., $14.five billion of that on food alone.

“A single of the greatest trends we’re seeing amongst pet owners is the desire to feed their dogs the way they feed themselves-selecting food that is produced with actual, high-good quality ingredients that offer you the excellent balance of taste and nutrition,” says Steve Crimmins, vice president of dog food marketing for Nestl Purina PetCare Business.

To meet this demand, Beneful brand dog food, 1 of the most successful premium dog foods on the industry, looked to very involved pet owners to create their excellent dog food from practically a farmer’s market buffet of real ingredients.

Beneful nutritionists then adapted the recipes to make certain they offered total and balanced nutrition for dogs and puppies. The result is the introduction of the very first-ever prepared meals for dogs that add epicurean polish to pet food. Beneful Prepared MealsT gives family members-style food for dogs created with actual, wholesome ingredients which includes succulent real meat and poultry, wild rice, barley, pasta, spinach, green beans and carrots.

The new pet food is obtainable in eight varieties that are packaged in a clear, prepared-to-serve, resealable plastic container-a packaging 1st in the pet food industry. Now pet owners can see the quality of the product they are getting in the pet food aisle and the difference is clear.

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