RedKings Mobile Poker App

RedKings Mobile Poker is perfect for some older mobiles and smartphones with 3G relationship. It can be played on many Nokia, Sony Samsung, Siemens, Ericsson and Motorola versions. The total set of the backed devices can be found at RedKings Poker site. It can not work with new Android and iPhone products and they are not supported at the moment. The software is just a Java application and the examined version 1.50.3 was evaluated applying Nokia N70.Starting MenusWhen you begin the software the first selection you make is playing for real cash or fun. Under the possibilities there’s a fantastic help section with every thing included from controls to desk selection and activity at the tables. Additionally there are some data collected that may be read from the primary choices. Statistics include your best played arms, real money & play money – stats and hand history.Next one may be the choice for Online or Offline play.Offline playOffline play is great supplement when you can not use 3G connection and still desire to enjoy some poker or practise your skills before you go online. In Offline play you play a heads-up or 10 person event against electronic participants. You may select from simple, medium or hard opponents. You’ve the option to start a brand new event or continue your last game. Under the Settings at the Offline table there’s a pleasant choice for “Fast forward.” It increases the overall game when you have flattened your hand and the following action is fast overlooked by you to your next hand.Online playIn Online play you’ve the option for “Quick Seat” or “Table Selection” to locate your games. Fast chair requires you faster to your table following you have chosen your game limit and stakes.In Table Selection you can identify precisely how and where you desire to enjoy. Most of the games available at the cellular poker on-line model are Texas Hold ’em Cash games, however, you can pick the stakes, table limitations and table size.Fixed control, No Limit and Pot Limit are available with table dimensions for 9 or 6 people and heads-up.Limits and stakes are:Fixed Limit:0,5-1$, 1-2$, 2-4$No Limit:0,25-0,5$, 0,5$-1$, 1-2$Pot Limit:0,5-0,5$, 1-1$, 2-2$TablesPlaying is manufactured very simple and the table design are very distinctive. Graphically it is not too a lot of an eye chocolate but at the least the static avatars come in position like in virtually any typical Ongame software. Activity at the table was simple to follow. The one who’s turn it’s to act is outlined and when it is the player’s turn the bet options look and timer begins working on bottom right corner of the screen. While the N70 has a small screen the design did not get too fuzzy and even the entire 9 person tables were scaled to the screen perfectly.For playing actions you have the standard Fold, Always check and Raise links. There are not any 1/2 pot, 3/4 pot, all-in etc. Keys available.Under Menu you will find dining table data, chat mode, stay out, cashier and hand history.Settings available are Auto-post blind, looks and 4-colour deck.There is a good minimal chat mode where you could deliver pre-defined messages like “Thank you really much..”ConclusionRedKings Mobile poker was a confident surprise. Ahead of the review I didn’t think the older phones may produce a good playing knowledge, but i had some fun with it. The artwork might not be of the same quality looking as with the new poker programs, but u can not expect a lot of on that section from the crooks to. I was also amazed how many functions this little application had, like: data, best performed arms and hand histories. The Offline method is a good improvement too as you can practise your skills before you hit the internet tables.PROS * Supports older phone models.* Both Manual and Quick Table Selections.* Offline practise mode.CONS* Perhaps not suitable for iPhone or Android.* Tournaments are only available at off-line mode.* Only Texas Hold ‘Em> > Installation instructions, RedKings site review and poker reward can be found at Fastpokerdeals.

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