Pua Kumbu

THE LEGEND OF “PUA KUMBU”Legend has it that about 24 decades ago, Singalang Burong, the God of War, taught his grandson, Surong Gunting, just how to use the most sacred of all the pua, the Lebur Api, at the end of a war. The heads of the fallen enemies were received ceremonially with this material, which had been colored a deep red color. This pua was stitched at Batu Gelong, the longhouse which was home to the goddesses of weaving, particularly Kumang, Indai Abang, and Lullong.Today, the lifestyle and values of the Iban community are still closely linked to the pua kumbu. Young girls are taught the art of weaving 2000 their mothers and grandmothers. Iban customs and ceremonies are incomplete without using the holy material for births, relationships, death, fertility as well as the planting of rice.The pua kumbu is also used during crucial activities such as Gawai and soul-searching ceremonies since it is believed to be a means of communication between the sides of the living and the dead. To the Iban’s, communications between those two worlds are crucial, particularly for a group that reveres its ancestors and spirits. Their world is one where previous ancestors wander about, spirits remain and historic mythic gods still rule.The weavers icy out a woven graphic style of the Iban animistic beliefs, the spiritual world and the world view of life such as for instance trees, creatures, bugs, marketplace life, natural and supernatural life. It’s stated that the more powerful and elaborate the design, the sooner it brings the weavers to the spiritual world. Eventually, the more efficient the design, the greater is the risk to the weavers.Prayers are recited before the start of every process to safeguard the weavers from damage or disease the weavers may sustain during the making of the pua kumbu. The weavers will often have a mystical experience when it comes to designing the styles for the pua. Consequently, the making of the pua kumbu is recognized as a spiritual and religious quest and the sacredness of the process is respected in the Iban community.Weaving can be a way of increasing the position of Iban women. A woman, based on the use of color, style and skill, will match a specific position within town. In order to be a master weaver, a woman must progress the list 1998 fixing an even more elaborate problem. A great pua kumbu is not merely a display of the weavers general success in terms of knowledge and knowledge but also shows the state of her internal self.Basically, the pua kumbu consists of two pieces of fabric joined at the heart. This is done frequently 1998 lacing a stitch. The internet strings, which were linked together in the dyeing process, possess the same but reversed habits, so that two halves complete the long way when the key joining is madeThe a long way have been come by pua kumbu since its mysterious and mythical origins. That wonderful textile is frequently seen at major style shows regionally and internationally. A real taste of Sarawak, the pua kumbu has stood steadfastly and proudly in the face of modernization

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