Play Poker Against Friends and Family

You can now play poker against your loved ones using your web camera. The Face Up Gaming application lets you chat, see and play poker against people in your own private leagues, join public leagues and tournaments and for heads-up games as well as sit n go games. This is the new way of playing online poker and it is 100% legal too.

When you play poker with people you know that don’t live near you, it makes it all the more interesting and shows the sheer power of the Internet and how a web camera means you don’t necessarily have to be in the same state as your friends or family to have a good time.

As you can imagine, you can have a great time and a laugh together playing online poker with your loved ones through using a web camera. You can bluff, pick on the lesser players and make the most of your chip stack against those that are short stacked. This is the most brilliant way to play poker.

Learn to Play Poker From the Pros

When you play poker online you’ll hardly learn much from other players as you don’t get to see them. You’ll learn more from watching TV but that takes time. So, if you use a web camera and play poker at the same time you will learn from professionals, see how they play and how you can make your game better.
If you analyze their game you can make it better and more profitable for you when you play poker against others. This is a fantastic way of learning while playing and it means you will become a better, more rounded player in the long run.

As Face Up Gaming was created by professionals you know that the top players will play there. However, if you’re a newbie then you can join in but the learning curve will be steeper. Don’t worry, though, as this is the best way to become a better player and play poker.

Play Poker in a New Way

Play poker using a web camera is a new and unique way of playing. You can socialize and play your favorite game at the same time. Whether you start out with lots of chips or you’re just trying it out then Face Up Gaming is a great website to play at.

It’s simple to join and immediately start to play poker. You can join new leagues, create your own, play against your friends or work colleagues, and play against other players from around the country. It’s so accessible for people that it’s fast becoming the top poker playing site on the Internet today.
This is the new way of playing poker. It’s legal, it’s fun and it adds a new dimension to the most popular game on the web. If you have been missing playing poker online for some time, why not head over to Face Up Gaming and start your web camera and play poker?

Here at Face up gaming we have just launched our reality online poker site and with our revolutionary technology of live streaming audio and video, you see every player and they can see you. You can meet new people face to face Or you can connect with friends and family on a private table, just like old times. This is as close to live poker as you’ll ever find online!

Once you are here , You will also have access to Game templates that allow you to define the rules for your private password protected tournaments or heads up action : You can set the starting chips stacks, break times , betting rules for you r own private games with your friends and family.

We will see you at the tables and remember to bring your play poker face!!