Octopus Planet 123 – Using Animals to Teach Math

Can children and toddlers learn math while playing with animals? Thanks to Octopus Planet 123, the answer is a resounding “Yes”.

Combining the lush definition of aniPad and iPhonetouchscreen and a child’s wonder and curiosityabout animals, Octopus Planet 123 is a simple yet healthy way to teach basic math skills to children 4 years old and up.

Octopus Planet 123makes learning fun. Using a map of the world, children select a favorite animal and then follow their intuition as they balance elephants on a see-saw, send frogs to chase down pesky flies and put their ducks (or geese in this case) in a row.

Octopus Planet 123 teaches math via a host of different scenarios – numbers are represented by everything from kangaroos to sequences largest-to-smallest, thus producing a more nimble mind than the typical rote memorization learning techniques. Children who are exposed to varied educational lessons are thought to develop more synaptic connections, allowing for a greater range of problem solving abilities.

As the iPad takes off as a platform for pre-school education, parents and educators now have the ability to combine the hands-on fun that children seek, while also directing their attention towards a core understanding of key math skills including classifying, sequence construction, addition and even basic taxonomy as child separate the fish from the birds. Environmental sensibilities are also subtly reinforced as children learn about animals in their habitat. The growth of iPhones as an educational tool also allows children to learn on the go.

Octopus Planet 123 also introduces the basics of geography as the game is based on a simple world map where each continent is represented by a native species.

Octopus Planet 123 requires iOS 4.0 or higher in order to support this app. The idea of the game is to fuse education and entertainment into edutainment, whereby children learn and discover while playing. With Octopus Planet 123 the math lessons are hardly noticeable.

Chilean software developers have taken Edutainment to a new level with the creation of this simple yet delightful new tool for children.

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