New Mobile Survey Solutions Via Smartphone & Tablet Employee Survey Apps

[Middlesex, UK] – August 27, 2012 – Some in the United Kingdom might believe that the demise of the printed paper survey is yet to come, but innovative new apps for tablet computers and smartphones is now available from http://www.surveysolutions.co.uk that can make the process of getting employee and customer feedback much more efficiently for businesses.

For employee surveys, the app breaks new ground by not only keeping costs down, but by improving response rates amongst operational staff who do not normally have access to a computer during work time. For highly operational environments such as Distribution, Manufacturing and even Retail, the mobile version of the online survey can save precious time and expense for companies and their employees, avoiding the need to print paper versions of questionnaires and having to pay for the postage incurred by staff when they mail them back in.

Using the new Survey Solutions mobile app has helped a major UK mobile phone retailer with 5,000 employees to achieve more than 70% response in a recent employee engagement survey. This is clear evidence that the app is highly popular with survey participants.

Miles Couchman of Survey Solutions, explains that many employees today see smartphones and tablet computers as vital communication tools in their day to day lives. Referencing the company’s latest app he said, “It also has clear advantages of cost over paper questionnaires for employees who are not desk-based.”

Survey Solutions has built a name for itself through its focus on helping its clients to measure, and take action to improve, engagement levels with their work force. Already, these guys have been able to improve response rates by creating interesting and relevant surveys that employees enjoy completing and which provide vital information for companies.

Client companies simply invite employees to take the survey via an email that links to the web based survey. The app intelligently judges the operating system that the survey is going through eg Android, iOS, and presents the questions in the right format to fit the mobile screen. This is a critical advance in usability that is proving its effectiveness in improving survey response rates.

For those companies that want to learn more about the new mobile survey app, the best place to learn more is surveysolutions.co.uk, the official web site. Those who want to speak with a research consultant by phone can call the Survey Solutions London office on +44 (0) 208 943 1445.

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