IMP Interactive Announces its New Video Magazine to Have Different variants

Malmö, Sweden, August 4th, 2012 – IMP Interactive has come out with yet another interesting update on its much awaited product all set to be released in a few weeks. The publishing house has just announced that the all new video magazine series titled Weapons of War will also include many variants to provide the users with a more comprehensive and exciting experience.

IMP Interactive is the digital division of the world renowned publication house-International Masters Publishers. Based in Sweden, the publishing house has a presence across 35 countries and has been creating and marketing high quality publications for over 40 years. Their products cater to readers across genres like and cookery, home and hobbies, entertainment and even education. Some extremely popular magazines with best quality content and highly interactive and interesting presentation can be credited to their name.


“The different Video Magazines will keep you fascinated for hours. Each feature-length documentary brings all the power, drama and fascination of military hardware, weapons systems and the history of warfare to you in a way you’ve never seen before!” said Mathias Tonnesson, Editor-in-chief Weapons of War Videos Magazine. “All of your information and entertainment cravings relating to the different war weapons that changed the course of history will be satisfied by this amazingly interesting magazine. We guarantee that you will never have experienced anything quite like this up until now!”


The Weapons of War Video magazine series is all set to be released soon with a complete set of engrossing variants to keep you hooked to its content. The series will include war videos relating to submarines, attack helicopters, super-fighters, spy planes and even Hitler’s Secret weapons. The quality of the content and its ingenious presentation is expected to be such that the reader will feel like experiencing an encyclopedia in the format of a video, that too on their IPads!


For more information on the video magazine, please visit http://www.weaponsofwarmagazine.com/.


About the company

International Masters Publishers is an established name in the world of online publications. For 40 years, they have been publishing high quality collections for the home and families on a variety of interesting topics. IMP Interactive is the digital subsidiary of International Masters Publishers and are engaged into designing various interactive apps and magazine for iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire and Android.


Contact Information

Mathias Tonnesson
Box 814
201 80 Malmö

Phone: +46701111222

Email: mathias.tonnesson@impinteractive.com
Website: http://www.weaponsofwarmagazine.com/