Home Security What you need to know about Wired and Wireless Hidden Cameras

When linger around almost every corner of the world an ingenious solution came in, the Spy Cameras. According to research when a criminal sees visible cameras the hesitation comes in and 60% of the crimes are being stopped right on the spot. If the offender doesn�t stop and tried to evade the visible cameras then that�s the time a hidden camera comes to play.

You might be suspicious of your new housemaid who is acting weird. Might be that you are worried that the Nanny is not taking care of your kids seriously as they should. A lot of times Spy Cameras help in ways you can ever imagine. If you are suspicious about your spouse then this is your answer. Spy Cam will remove your doubts or prove that you�re correct. Either ways Spy Cameras will serve as your other eye while you�re away from home. Some setups are easily accessible via email address or via phone which will give you the diversity needed when you�re working in the office or out of the house.

You can easily find a Camera that will suit your every need. Like a hidden Camera on stuff toy, on a Pen and anything you can really think of. Installation of a Camera on your house is very easy, all you need to do is follow the guide on this article and you�ll be good to go.
There are two types of hidden cameras. One is the Wired Spy Cam and the wireless Camera�s. For very obvious reasons Wireless Spy Cam costs double compared to the wired one. If you choose wired one then you should install it in a good location, for the people you�re spying on might suspect the wires running through it. If you are using wireless cam then you must know that it runs on frequency signals. So if you�re planning on installing one make sure that it is not near a wireless router, microwave, cellular phones, wireless phones and satellite dishes. Now that we know all the factors needed to choose the right cam for you, it�s time to discuss how to install it.

How to install a Wired Camera

You will get 3 main parts after receiving the package. First is the camera itself, second is an AC adapter and the third one is the Jack that connects your Camera to the recorder. The default size of the AC adapter is 3 meters and that goes as well with the connector. If you need a longer wire then you can get a customized one in Walmart. After installation you need to make sure that the wire is not seen by the naked eye by getting wallpaper to hide the wires on the corner of the wall.

How to install a Wireless Hidden Camera

These types of cameras are very easy to install and even a 12 year old can do it. You�ll also get 3 parts but this time the wire and the AC Adapter is just 24 inches. To set up the cam, you need to connect the AC adapter and the cables to a receiver that can sit right beside the AVR, DVR or any recorder you wish to have. All you need to do is connect the color coded cables from the receiver to the recorder. Then you can put the camera anywhere you want. Some cameras have built in batteries, where you need to charge it once a week or rechargeable batteries which you can replace easily.

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