Gold Price Prediction

Predicting the prices of metals and commodities over a medium term and long term is a difficult and challenging task to say the least. There are a number of factors that come into play and there could be a number of internal and external factors that could also come into play.



Of all the precious metals, the most traded and the mostly commonly stocked metal is without doubt the yellow metal or gold. In fact even government authorities have made it a practice to stock and hoard gold for use as a hedge in difficult situations. Hence it is common for small retail investors to go in for buying and selling this metal for obvious reasons. However, before doing so it is very important to understand more about the various factors that could play a role in 金 相場 価格prediction. Let us try and find out what are the factors that determine the movement of gold price (金 相場 価格) not only in our country but also across other countries and regions of the world.


First and foremost if you wish to reasonably accurately go in for gold price prediction then you should have a close look at the movement of gold price (金 相場 価格) over the past three to five years. Going by this record it is quite normal for us to understand that of all the precious metals and commodities that are aggressively traded, the price of gold is something that has grown up on an average of 20% each year. These are amazing and even the best of stocks and shares cannot match this performance. Further it is also fact that the price of gold is also dependent on the global and local economic scenario around the world. Here it would not be wrong to point out that the current problems that are being faced by the Euro Zone countries could push up the demand for this yellow metal as countries scurry for cover for hedging against economic and financial uncertainties.


Further when you talk about the 相場 価格 金 prediction retail and small investor consumption pattern is also very important. Here it would be pertinent to point out that the demand for gold in the emerging economies like China, India, Brazil and other such countries is quite robust to say the least and this could play a big role in pushing up the prices of gold over the next few months. It would not be wrong to point out that the price may even scale $2,250 per ounce within the next five to six months.