FHTM Review – Detailed Review Of Compensation Plan, Product And Business Opportunity

You may have found already plenty of FHTM scam reviews, but be warned, many of them are written by savvy recruiters. Make sure to do your own research.

You may have already find a lot of biased reviews that don’t really represent this opportunity honestly. Don’t worry, I’m not another FHTM representative trying to sell you. Just my opinion, no-BS.

Do You Think FHTM Is A Scam Or Not?

Tom Mills and Paul were the co-founders of Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing. It’s a bit different than a standard network marketing company. It currently has over 200,000 representatives and crossed $500 million in revenue per year. You make money selling telecommunication services like Verizon and Dish Network which are very popular services in USA. FHTM is currently operating in USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

What may make some people question if FHTM is a scam or not are low commissions in services that will require the representatives to work with their friends and family. As everyone know, promotion can be expensive and requires some upfront money. Also the residuals are not that great as advertised.

Quick Question: What The Percentage FHTM Reps Are Earning Profits From Retail Sales?

In order to find out if FHTM is a scam we’ll need to look closely at this question. Most MLM scams are based only on recruiting with a poor and overpriced product that no one will buy otherwise.

Here’s the reason why Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing is a legitimate business. Product from FHTM and truly brilliant and a lot of people are looking for them on the market. Do you think Verizon cell plan is not a good product? Ask yourself this question. FHTM product prices are not that high as in other MLM companies. Additionally they provide a very valuable trainings in marketing and promotion. There are literally millions of potential clients you can sell to all these products.

I would always advise to do more own research on forums and blogs to find out more about FHTM. To make the best choice read opinions from both sides: negative ones and positive ones.

Finally, Is FHTM A Scam Or Not?

FHTM is following FTC laws and regulations regarding MLM companies and advertising regulations. FHTM is legal in 50 states. It has a product no one could refuse to use and good compensation for representatives. Extensive marketing training and help is what makes FHTM great. Yet there are still many people complaining about low profits and whole compensation plan.

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