Feng Shui & the Chinese Calendar – 2007 The Entire Year of the Fire Pig

The Chinese have an unique calendar program that provides us with information about existing essential influences at any given point in time. It makes usage of the five elements – wood, water, fireplace, earth and metal – and their rounds, to look for the different aspects affecting the world.In Chinese astrology the Pig has many characteristics that produce up its identity. The Pig is reliable, simple and straightforward. He’s also an easy going temperament, yet with a solid dedicated streak.2007 may be the year of the Fire Pig and it’s inspired by two aspects – fire and water. This coming year is represented by the image of Yin Water sitting below Yin Fire. Prior to the dangerous cycle of the five elements – Water conquers Fire. For that reason, they’re factors in conflict with the Water producing the most influence as it is in the inspiration. This important connection presents a period less calm than 2006, with worries, agitations and unrest. Both of these elements together also can bring about more accidents regarding trains, air travel and delivery. There is also the chance of fire problems and explosions.The Yin Fire sitting atop the Water Pig represents annually of challenges. But, the timber hidden within the Pig implies new beginnings and the possibility of ‘anything simpler to come .’ The Pig also brings with it, generally, more vacation than last year.The Chinese calendar goes in cycles of sixty years. So, the final time we experienced the entire year of the Fire Pig, was in 1947. The next world war was over and yet, we could see 2007 as a bit more turbulent. Whilst history tells us that over all, there is more co-operation in 1947, the Cold war between America and Russia started as did the struggles between Pakistan and India.The companies likely to perform properly during the year of the Fire Pig are those linked to the elements of Earth and Metal. A few of the sectors linked to the Planet Earth ingredient are the Chemical field, Property, Insurance and Mining. The Metal industries such as for example Skincare, Machinery and Hi-tech/Computer corporations need to see powerful activity. The Wood industries e.g. Trend, linens, posting, document, forestry – will undoubtedly be productive although not as powerful as in 2006. In general, the currency markets may cost well from about February until June/July. Nevertheless, buyers might excel to be cautious next point.The companies most pushed during the coming year are those of the Water and Fire elements such as shipping, communications, entertainment, and airlines.Traditional Chinese medicine can also be in line with the five elements and their cycles. The center is ruled by fire though Water controls the help. But, Yin Fire in particular, also presents the brain, eyes and nervous system. Therefore we may see an increase in health issues relating to despair, anxiety, insomnia and even an increase in obesity. As a result, this coming year we need to pay attention to heart and mental medical issues. It’s also crucial that this year, everybody provides their health higher consideration. Enhancing the defense mechanisms should really be a premier priority in the event of any common epidemic.During 2007 there will be a clash that occurs for people born in the year of the Snake. Therefore these individuals should use the symbol of the Tiger for security. It also means that Snake people may feel restless and want to move house, change job and travel more – nevertheless, it is recommended never to travel in the Northwest direction.For those born in the year of the Pig it is also advisable to hold or wear a Tiger necklace or charm.With respect to Feng Shui you will locate a difficult influence from the Northeast taking with it difficulties and limitations. If this element of your property or business is extremely active e.g. entrance, family area, passage or living area then this power needs to be handled by setting an wind chime or bell in this area especially through the weeks of February, August and November. The Centre will need a line of six meta coins to be put in this area, and this is very essential when this is the home or even a significant thoroughfare.Finally, don’t sit together with your back against due West whilst working. It is also advisable to not carry out large-scale construction work in the Northwest for the coming year, as that is the location of the ‘Grand Duke .’ Area a Tortoise to the Northwest should this path is challenged by your home.

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