CP 55,940: What It’s and Drug Testing

CP 55,940 is the effects of amphetamine and a potent synthetic cannabinoid that has the same effects of but more potent than THC (a naturally occurring element contained in pot). Because of this, CP 55,940 was never marketed since its development by Pfizer in Germany in 1974. And therefore, it is also why it has been labeled as “not to be consumed by humans.”CP 55,940 was employed for plants and sold as herbal incense. It absolutely was also analyzed for its “efficacy in perturbing Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative states.”A white solid material, CP 55,940 has been on the attention of many researchers. Because it is not accepted for human use (not only of the truth that it’s potent but additionally, little data exists on CP 55,940’s negative effects, harmful responses and destruction, dependency potential), experts shot it in mice. Studies unmasked effects such as for instance reduced social interaction reduced locomotors activity and anxiety (in mice ).Also, due to the fact that it imitates the effects of THC, it can be said that CP 55,940 can have psychoactive and somatic effects including euphoria, increased alertness, restlessness, abrupt mood changes with understanding to humor, depression and other emotions, fear, increased heartbeat and reddening of the eyes. Accounts from customers disclose skin tingling, appetite activation, vertigo, “a and sickness shift in mind toward a far more childlike, mentally opened state.” Currently, no information is provided on neurotoxicity of the substance. “The pharmacological and toxicological properties of this solution have not been completely investigated.”Notwithstanding its dangerous unwanted effects on people, a number have been using it instead to weed though at low doses. But unlike other medications, its capability is lost by CP 55,940 when kept at temperature below or above than its ideal temperature, and therefore doses taken may possibly vary.In the Usa, there is number law that regulates the use of CP 55,940. But due to its structural similarity to pot (plan one under analogue regulations), it’s deemed illegal for human consumption.In drug tests, by November 2009, there has been not a single test that may find CP 55,940, as a cannabinoid, in pee, blood, and saliva assessment. This is often attributed to how medication tests work. When substance is obtained, your body breaks it down and “metabolites are produced included in this process.” This examination can look into “specific kinds of metabolites that can only occur as a result of substance taking.” But, no test could detect metabolites of synthetic cannabinoid (at the time of 2009 )-nevertheless, there have been reports on the growth of the detection of the synthetic compound.To time, there are no reports of CP 55,940 consumers found by authorities-or hospitalized.

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