Cheap practical fun for the school holidays with a cardboard playhouse

Cheap practical fun for the school holidays with a cardboard playhouse

With the school holidays now upon us and parents all over the country looking for cheap ways to entertain their children for the next few weeks, what could be better than with a cardboard playhouse?

Thanks to our summer madness of price cuts at http://www.cardboardhouse.co.uk you can now get a playhouse for under £20 plus delivery that will give many hours of long lasting fun.

Our playhouses are ideal for hours of creative fun as they are made for you and your young loved ones to be able to have hours of fun decorating them however you want, be it colouring them in or covering them with stickers, chose from one of a range of base colours that includes While, Brown, Pink & Silver and the world is then your oyster.  Our range of designs isn’t just limited to the traditional cardboard playhouse or cardboard den, we also supply a whole range of structures including cardboard palaces for the young pricess, cardboard rockets for all the budding astronauts out there, cardboard cars for the very youngest of drivers, and cardboard planes for budding young pilots, as well as a whole other range of cardboard toys and cardboard castles, fortresses and more.

As well giving hours of fun, our full range of products are also eco friendly, and whether we want to admit it or not, we all have a responsibility to the environment, with paper & card being from renewable source unlike plastic & oil based products, we believe that our range of environmentally friendly cardboard toys & cardboard playhouses will help today’s children & future generations learn to be more socially responsible & ecologically aware.

All our cardboard structures are designed to be folded away flat in between use, so if space is a premium then the playhouse can quickly and easily packed back away, and reassembled when next wanted.

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