Career Research Guidelines – Career Research Got You Down? Simply take the Afternoon Off!

Today so much has been one of those rare days I look up to the sky and ask “could we just start this time once again please?”At 5 am today, I was snuggled up with my 7-month-old child when I felt something crawling on my throat (cringing currently, anyone? ).I jumped and woke up my partner to ask him to flip on the light. Much to my horror (and despite that we are really clean people), there clearly was a big, disgusting cockroach sharing my pillow with me. I let out one of those involuntary shrieks that come from deep, deep inside – which created the baby cry as my partner deadpanned, “Oh, like THAT is likely to help…”Needless to state, the day just went downhill from there for some reason, pressing on every warm key I’ve – more crying baby, economic shocks, investment challenges and I even hit my knee on along side it of my table so very hard I let out another involuntary scream.It was like a gathering of irritating and unlucky events.About 10 am, I broke down in tears.Fortunately, I have a pretty good support system. I also called my Priest, vented and then asked him to pray for me and I called my husband and asked him to pray aswell. Then I left my office, had a treat, got in the vehicle with the baby and went for a nice walk over the river.Ah…much better!There was a time I would have just pressed on through this type of terrible day. But some years ago, I understood that working in a bad mood results in little, if such a thing, positive.If you are in a vocation transition (and especially if you are currently not working), you must be especially careful of “bad days.”Any transition is difficult. A career transition are at the very best of the list of things that make us feel vulnerable because so much is fundamentally linked to a search such as: your sense of self worth, various components of a job search that force you out of your safe place, pressure from family or pressure to be careful of your family, the inescapable feeling of “rejection” that certainly comes with a transition, and the list goes on.It is because of all these complexities that things like choosing a coach, having your resume professionally rewritten and having a truly clear blueprint of your objectives and your programs to have there support so much. It makes your research manageable, reduces the strain on you, saves you a huge amount of time and enhances your confidence.I have a business coach for several of the exact same causes. It helps me crystallize my goals, keep my top efficiency and balance my time. When I don’t do those ideas I am less efficient with my customers and my husband would probably say I’m not as exciting to be around.So, if you’re having an especially bad time at work search, do not wait. Get up from your table, escape your house and get your brain off things, even if your mind is only for an hour…but even for a day! Enough time you spend money on your mental and emotional health can pay off abundantly.

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