Can You Really Evaluate Status?

It is not absolutely all about numbersThere have now been plenty of new tools out there lately, Klout and PR Skore to call but two. It seems we’ve become obsessed with numbers: how many fans do we have examine with how many we follow? What is our Klout report? How many Tweets are they putting out per day?Whilst this will give us some symptoms, in fact it is misleading.You may be putting out a large number of tweets, and have an important association count on Linked In, but it makes no reference to whether you’re putting out exciting top quality material, or just drivel. Moreover, we’ve no idea whether you really do individually know everyone else in your Linked In contacts record, or whether you just said yes to every Tom, Dick and Harry that sent you an invitation.Encouraging your employees to consider how they already using their social networking is a great start. Actually considering how you’re going to use it and whether there is a technique behind it will assist them in good stead, nevertheless the actual report building does occur when you intensify and disclose your understanding, and this does not always have to be through social networking, despite what we are being brainwashed to think.It could mean:? Calling editors of professional guides to offer to provide specialist backup? And doing exactly the same for business sites? Giving yourself being an expert source to the media? Giving your skills to charity, particularly in management positions? Producing a book!? Taking up talking opportunitiesEncouraging your staff, especially senior personnel who’ve years of experience in their area, to work on growing their professional awareness through actions like these makes a lovely win win scenario where the image of the business is normally increased by the image of its people. Individually, their own career paths and the possibilities open to them become more and more interesting as they slowly increase in reputation.The essential step would be to get them to own their niche, an area of information that they feel comfortable with, and preferably one that others value. People are often naturally focused on being seen to be too consultant, but I really believe that specialism is very important. It is 2000 becoming an expert in your area, and applying your target to sharing your familiarity with your area, that expert reputations are created.

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