Bookkeepinghull.co.uk – for those looking for a bookkeeper in Hull and East Yorkshire

BookkeepingHull.co.uk is a perfect website for those trying to find a bookkeeper in Hull and surrounding area.

Our easy to use web directory offers a wide range of quality companies for you to choose from when searching for Bookkeeping Hull, look to us to get the best in local bookkeepers and bookkeeping services, we have companies covering Hull, Beverley, Goole, Brough, Driffield, Hedon, Bridlington, andpretty much everywhere in-between including the coastal towns of Hornsea, Withernsea.

As a company we have a growing number of finance directory sites out there on the internet specialising in both the accountancy and bookkeeping sectors, this is the area where we have cut our teeth over the years so we know the subject well as Chartered Accountants working in private practice ourselves. As a business we are now branching out into internet and e-commerce work as we have developed a deep understanding of the subject over time and the boss genuinely enjoys it, and is able to talk very passionately and knowledgably for some time on it to anyone who will listen.

Bookkeeping Hull is the latest in the range of these sites to launch, as with all our sites it enjoys page 1 exposure on google for many key search terms, and also benefits from an ongoing program of SEO work to help ensure that position is maintained, making sure that our advertisers get maximum benefit from their investment, and we continue to help people find the firm they need. All of our links on the site are do follow’ giving our advertisers a double benefit of not only helping find new customers through the site, but also working to help push their site up the search engine rankings as well. Don’t understand that last bit? Not sure how to push your own site up the rankings? We also offer consultancy on helping improve your internet presence, drop us an email to have someone get in touch, we offer a free initial no obligation consultation to see if what we offer is right for both you and your business.

Each of our sites is typically limited to just fifteen businesses, thus ensuring we offer a wide range of firms to suit every visitor’s requirements, without flooding the site with so many local bookkeepers that no one ever gets a call, please don’t forget to mention bookkeepinghull.co.uk when contacting any of the bookkeepers listed.

To encourage advertisers to sign up early we offer discounted rates for the first few sign ups, with the last space we sell costing the most, we like to reward commitment with offers available for long term deals, and advertising on multiple sites accross our portfolio available at very competitive rates.