Basic info about facials

I wake up. start off the morning coffee. step into the bathroom, grab my toothbrush and look up. “how long was i asleep for?!” i ask myself mockingly as i try to iron out the lines and wrinkles my pillow left. at least that’s what i tell myself. but as i fumble through my day i die a little more each time i glance in the mirror and individuals “pillow lines” are asserting themselves as the first “signs of growing old” that i heard so much about ahead of i had turned 25. maybe i ought to have taken my youth a little easier. maybe i need to have smiled less or kept a more serious, monotone e?pression. but, as it often happens i did not know the value of preservation until decay began setting in; let’s face it, that’s what creases mean. right? we are dying. is that what is so scary? which is scarier-being closer to death or losing youth and beauty by the millisecond? i’ve heard both are inevitable, but i’m only now beginning to gain a fuller understanding of these ‘evils.’

so, the bookworm i am, the first thing i want to do just before i begin treating my lines and wrinkles is discover e?actly the mechanics behind what leads to creases so i could tackle each cause one-by-one.

sun uv e?posure: this is an apparent one in this day and age; we all know the dangers associated with sun e?posure. the reply, of course, is not to avoid sun e?posure but to enjoy basking responsibly. its best to wear a hat, but not being a hat person i’ve decided the ne?t best thing must be sunscreen. however, i’m an all-natural kind of gal and the substances in sunscreen are numerous and unpronounceable so look below to find the all-pure alternative for sunscreen that i make at home!

dehydration: superficial wrinkles can occur *hope hope* from dehydration, so if you are looking to hang on to your youth for as long as feasible then those 8 recommended eyeglasses of water a day are now actually required, and more is encouraged. of course one of the reasons for wrinkles is that ageing skin becomes chronically dehydrated at the deeper levels of skin, which is where the lines and wrinkles form. so consuming water is fantastic for preventing or healing superficial wrinkles, but deeper hydration would be needed for the crevices my later years promise me. and as i’ve discovered, preparation is key.

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