Balloon sinuplasty surgery at Rox Center – The most reliable course of treatment

Rox Center is a prestigious clinic in Los Angeles that prides itself with a great team of experienced doctors that specialize in all types of treatments and procedures for nose surgery. They welcome patients with cutting-edge technology and a wide range of treatment options with the quickest recovery and the least amount of discomfort experienced. The surgical skill of this trustworthy team of doctors ensures the availability of the best courses of treatment for patients who experience nose, ear and throat disorders and reduces the risks to a minimum, making the entire experience as comfortable and painless as possible. If you want to enjoy “free breathing”, great sleeping and a normal life, Rox Center is the one place to go!

At Rox Center, one of the most sought-after surgical intervention is the septoplasty Los Angeles, a surgery aimed at correcting deviated or crooked septum. Basically, the septum is the part that separates the two nasal cavities and its deviation causes difficulty in breathing as well as snoring and sleep apnea. Chronic sinusitis is also a symptom of deviated septum although the line between acute and chronic sinusitis continues to be blurred. In fact, it seems that many patients are wrongly diagnosed with chronic sinusitis which usually follows with a suggestion of a surgical intervention or some unproved courses of treatment. This is not the case of Rox Center, which boasts a team of dedicated practitioners who make use of the latest technologies in order to identify accurately what is causing the sinusitis in the patient and recommend the best solutions accordingly. Septoplasty Los Angeles may be the most common surgical intervention but Rox Center welcomes patients with many other treatment options that can help soothe symptoms for long periods of time.

For instance, balloon sinuplasty surgery is one of the most advanced medical procedures that enables patients to breathe easier and enjoy an improved life quality. A balloon sinuplasty surgery is a revolutionary surgical intervention that successfully replaces the standard endoscopic sinus surgery which is performed in order to remove small amounts of bone or other material blocking the sinus openings as well as certain growths or polyps of the mucus membrane. At Rox Center, this procedure takes 30 to 90 minutes, it requires either local or general anesthesia and the patient experiences minor discomfort. Although the recovery period takes about two weeks, the endoscopic sinus surgery improves symptoms in about 90% of patients with chronic sinus infections and it is most successful when combined with medication and home treatment in order to prevent further sinus infections. Experienced practitioners are able to reduce the risks to a minimum for they have special training with endoscopic surgical techniques.
In addition, it’s worth mentioning that Rox Center is the one place to go if you are interested in a turbinectomy surgery which is the most common and effective treatment for enlarged turbinates. A typical turbinectomy surgery is performed in order to improve the airflow or the sinus drainage but it can also have many other purposes such as nose bleed control. However, each of the interventions mentioned involve certain risks and complications which occur if they are not performed with an absolute precision. But dedicated practitioners working at Rox Center have all the assets to reduce these risks to a minimum, allowing each patient to return to his daily routine in no time.

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