Artist Connections: An Account of Two Floor Cleaners

When I understood that the well dressed, courteous person standing outside our entry way was attempting to sell vacuum cleaners, I inwardly sighed. But I determined, “What the heck, why not?” He would never talk me into buying anything as unnecessary or as expensive as you of those door to door vacuum cleaners. But I respect people trying to make a living and cold calling has to be among the toughest in terms of problems, so I opened the doorway to him.OK. Short story. I was pleased. The jeweler was an expert wizard at his marketing skills, his presentation and exhibition. Compared to my aged product vacuum, his vacuum cleaner did anything but dance and sing. To this day I am not sure what happened….maybe the dog hair was the ease where the dog hair vanished. Maybe it the expected mass delivery of these countless ” invisible to the bare eye” dirt mites…whatever it was that moved your decision in his favor, two hours later, I possessed a $1200.00 vacuum cleaner. As he drove away he believed to me, “You should consider doing some art classes when I know a person who organizes them.”A decade passed. I continued my art career, marketing myself and my art at a number of venues-at art shows around the region, the niche shows, magazines, in community, on the Internet…and included a couple of workshops and private instructions to the mix.The vacuum cleaner lay enshrined in the wardrobe and was pulled out when necessary. A subtle but valuable lesson had been realized by me. Regardless of just how much you may have paid for the priciest vacuum cleaner in the world, to be able for it to work, somebody really has to drive it!Several years back, I decided to follow up on the salesman’s suggestion. I approached the person he’d stated, and I was also directed by that person to some other world of marketing. Sure enough, in just a few years, that long ago suggestion opened up a new, successful stream of income for an artist entrepreneur with new DVD’s, audio CD’s, ebooks and a new collection of art workshops.My “Tale of Two Vacuums” is really a typical exemplory case of every artist’s art marketing quest. Opportunity conferences, when acted upon, can start an opportunity monthly, annually, or a decade later and the artist only has to be willing and ready to pursue it. The main element for almost any artist in business, is to be conscious of when it is time to follow a brand new or additional avenue of income and then do it.For a time, I known my vacuum cleaner as one of my priciest impulse buys. But in a short time, I was talking about it together of my better investments!And yes, I still have it.by M Theresa Brown

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