Analysis on Grinding Medium Demand on Gradation in the First Silo

As is known to us all, the main function of the first silo in ball mill is to impact materials, which is also the most critical step of the whole grinding process. It affects not only the grinding effect but also that of other silos.

Experts in ball mill point out that silo is determined by the size and mean diameter of steel balls as well as technical parameters. The parameters are decided by product fineness and, more importantly, by the property and grindability of materials. Accordingly, whether steel ball gradation is proper or not hinges on material demand. In the process of the first silo impacting, the following points needs taking into consideration:

1. The steel balls of the first silo should have enough impact capability, which surpasses the extreme of material hardness.

2. Sufficient impact times should be kept. The load has a lot to do with the diameter of steel balls. Therefore, in the case of ample impact frequency, the diameter of steel balls can be reduced and steel balls added. Thus, the grinding efficiency can be enhanced.

3. The ball mill should have due material storing ability. To ensure that materials are well ground, materials should stay for a while in the silo. Consequently, the flow velocity should be regulated to avoid material jumping phenomenon.

The experts with Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery summarize the gradation methods with extensive experience and expertise. Every method has some merits and demerits, however. Henan Hongxing will strive towards better solutions as always.

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