A Collectible Camera

In the early days of 35mm cameras, Zeiss was looked upon as the quality leader in contacts as well as in camera design.When I started in wedding photography in 1960 the camera to own was the Rolleiflex. While extremely expensive, the Rolleiflex F design boasted a five element sprayed Zeiss Planar contact of 80mm. the sharpest lens on the planet during the time. Using Panatonic X 120 picture, I really could enlarge the concerns to six feet wide without loss of sharpness or featuring wheat. The F model employed 220 color negative film with 24 pictures per spin. The filling was so fast that I once traded a finished move with a new one involving the time it took for the Maid of Honor be captured coming down the aisle and in time to photograph the woman and her father entering the aisle.One time in 1969 I saw a large perspective Rolleiflex in a camera store for $350. I should have bought it because now it would be worth excellent folding cameras were also made by $2000.Zeiss. They were designed for the well-to-do masses and got excellent photographs. The apex of folding Zeiss cameras was the Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta IV manufactured in the late fifties and early sixties. For a pocket ready camera (side coat pocket), it used 120 film (6cm x 6cm), highlighted a fit needle selenium meter, a Compur shutter with speeds up to 1/500 sec. The coated Zeiss Tessar 4.5 lens was exceptionally sharp to the corners Costing the exact carbon copy of $250, it now could be worth about $600.The first single lens camera to use a between-the-lens shutter, (the best performing configuration), was the Zeiss Contaflex Super. That luxury camera used a Compur shutter which synchronized with flashbulbs in addition to electronic flash, and a painted Zeiss Tessar four aspect lens of 50mm length, a fit hook delicate selenium meter (needs no battery). It had been the first to make use of the plan program of shutter speed and f stops, allowing the photographer to change the aperture or speed without modifying the light exposure.. Accessory lenses of a wide angle (35mm) and a brief tele (105mm) were available. As a vintage it is worth about $100 in good shape.

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