9 Product Naming Tips

Product naming is really an important facet of branding. The name you ultimately pick will mirror who you are, your company’s personality and vision. But more importantly, it have to unforgettably embody the guarantee of one’s product’s most important benefit for your possible prospects. It can dovetail generically together with your competitors, but preferably, it should really jump out from your crowd. Where to start? Here are some basic recommendations.

If the field’s also crowded, be unique

MSN Search, Netscape Research, AOL Research, they all stayed within the very same category, so you can play it protected and go with Stupendous Search or Super-Duper Research. This functions to get a time, but as soon as the area gets also crowded, you will be missing inside the mush of sameness with ever diminishing title recognition. If you’re in it for the extended haul, much better to interrupt absent from the crowd using a name like Google, Yahoo, or even Dogpile (although I am not a lover of likely into the scat category just to be unique). Even Kinkos?the founder’s nickname (he experienced kinky red hair in college)?is distinctive adequate to become memorable.

Avoid tongue twisters

There is somewhat part in all of us that hates to be embarrassed. Once we request to get an item or speak about it with pals, we need to sound literate rather than fumble more than pronunciations. So be kind for your prospective customers and stay clear of tongue twisters, or any title that is unusually lengthy or international sounding. For those who can’t locate a single-word title, don’t go more than two or three syllables.

Alliteration can help with extended names

Okay, and so the president of your corporation likes all the for a longer time names on your checklist. You can make them much more memorable and/or less difficult to pronounce by utilizing alliteration. Take into consideration Circuit City (originally, the incredibly bland, monosyllabic, Wards). Or Downtown Disney, Or by far the most renowned brand name in the world, Coca Cola. All four syllables, however they roll off the tongue with surprising simplicity.

Avoid abbreviations

Abbreviations absence personality and talk pretty tiny with regards to benefit or manufacturer character. Sure, IBM, MCI and ABC have large recognition and identification, but they also spent years and millions in virtually all media to promote their image?using pictures of people and scenarios that had been warm and fuzzy. Even billionaire Bill Gates chose Microsoft over MS (which has some undesirable connotations).

Convey an implied benefit

In case you don’t have a lot of media dollars to invest on title recognition, attempt for a title that conveys a benefit or describes content material. Snapple started out having a name that combined two of its original flavors: Spice N Apple. Silk?the soy-based milk brand?combines soy and milk. Benefit-oriented names contain EasyOff oven cleaner, Miracle-Grow plant food, and Hearthwarmer (a hearth insert).

Lost in Translation?or even worse!

The majority of us have listened to the tale of Chevrolet introducing their “Nova” in Spanish-speaking nations. The vehicle tanked simply because ‘nova’ indicates “doesn’t go.” Fiat discovered they needed to rename their “uno” in Finland, since “Uno” signifies garbage in Finnish. Canadian items require labeling in both English and French, that is why on some cookie packing containers, the English phrase “without preservatives” continues to be unintentionally translated into the French “sans preservatives,” which means “without condoms.” ‘Nuff said.

Shun fads

The shelf life of a faddish title is brief and sweet. It rises for the stratosphere of recognition then nosedives into obscurity quicker than you could say, “radical,””tubular”or “outta sight.”Another challenge with fads is they’re often limited to one demographic or clique. Within a marketplace as broad and assorted as the U.S., it’s improved to be safe than sorry.

Protect your image

If you’re like most businesses, you worked hard and spent some true income making the picture of one’s company. Therefore it only makes sensation to guard your expense with a product name that’s consistent along with your existing brand names and picture. Rolls Royce needed to pull the title of its most recent addition to the Silver Cloud line, which they tentatively named the “Silver Mist,” considering that in German, “mist” signifies manure. So create on what you have. A very good example: Google’s entry into on the web purchasing with Froogle. Incidentally, if you’re asking yourself exactly where “Google”came from, it is a variation to the math term googol, a huge number with endless zeros.

Don’t overlook legal

The moment you have settled on a number of best potential names, hire a good lawyer to make sure they are not currently becoming employed and not confusingly similar to somebody else’s within your industry.

Ideally, this short summary will assist guidebook you by way of the subtleties of product naming. Don’t forget, make an effort to be distinctive and advantage oriented without getting bewildering or offensive. Stay away from fads, abbreviations and tongue twisters. And, by all suggests, protect your image.

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