You use stamps? What are you… A Stamp Collector???

Stamps are very old fashioned now, they are rarely used by businesses, a stamp is now becoming the same as using a type-writer instead of a computer, but more than that, stamps cost you additional money, as opposed to a franking machine which will save you huge amounts of money on your postage.

It works out cheaper to frank you mail, then paying for stamps, even if you only send a minimum of 5 parcels or letters a day. Money is saved and staff hours too.

More exciting than that Pitney Bowes are one of the biggest (and best) franking machine suppliers in the UK and they have some great new models coming out on the 25th July!

Both the DM160 and the DM220 offer an impressive range of features that will bring benefits to your business from the moment they’re installed; which can be done quickly and easily, even if you’re not technically minded.

As well as franking your mail, both the DM160 and the DM220 offer Envelope Messaging which prints promotional messages in colour across the full width of the envelope. It’s a powerful and cost effective way to make sure your mail gets opened and read. It looks smart and professional too.

The DM160 and DM220 digital franking machines automatically calculate the exact postage, so you can be confident your postage costs are being kept to a minimum. The accurate weighing alone could save you up to 20% on your postage costs.

The franking machines also ensure no overpaying. And also no underpaying, so ensuring you won’t incur the £0.80 charge that Royal Mail apply to every item that is incorrectly priced.

Pitney Bowes offer a comprehensive two year warranty on their compatible toner products, to ensure complete confidence. And if you need consumable supplies urgently, Pitney Bowes can send them to you within 24 hours with their express next day service. So that’s it, no more carrying heavy parcels to the post office to see how much it will cost to send them, queuing at the post office for stamps when you have run out will be a thing of the past, your parcels and letters will not get lost in piles of other businesses things with normal stamps, as yours will stand out with your unique coloured business stamp.

What are you waiting for? Throw the stamps out the window, you’re free from all that hassle now, and call Pitney Bowes to get your Franking Machine now.

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