You Can Straighten You Teeth Without Visible Braces, Says San Diego Orthodontist

San Diego, CA – One of the biggest drawbacks to orthodontics in San Diego is the unsightly appearance of braces, says Dr. Richard Grant, a San Diego Orthodontist. Neither teen agers nor adults like the appearance of metal braces, and the discomfort can be off-putting, as well.

“With the new technology in Ice Clear and Invisalign braces,” says Dr. Grant, “the person doesn’t have the shiny, noticeable metal bands around their teeth. With Invisalign and Clear Correct, the patient has a series of trays that fit over the teeth, easing them into position as needed.”

Band braces are also available, and are still the most commonly used type of orthodontics San Diego . These are the traditional metal bands most people associate with “braces”. They have the wires attached that pull or push teeth into the proper position. Sometimes, the San Diego orthodontist will have to put spacers between teeth for a few weeks in order to make room for the band. The teeth are then cleaned, and the bands glued onto the teeth in preparation for the wires.

Another type of orthodontics in San Diego is Ice Braces, or Clear Braces. “These are very popular, especially with people who don’t want their braces to show, but don’t want the Invisalign”, says Dr. Grant. “The clear bracket is glued directly to the teeth, and the wires attached as needed. Often, the only thing others may see is the arch wire.” According to Dr. Grant, the Ice Braces are perfectly smooth, providing less irritation to the insides of the lips.

Damon braces are a metal brace that your San Diego orthodontist will often use. These incorporate a slide mechanism that adjusts the teeth, rather than the bands and ties commonly associated with braces. “This reduces the amount of pressure exerted on the teeth, allowing the teeth to move more freely and comfortably”, says Dr. Grant. “It facilitates more comfortable tooth movement with total control.” You can also get Damon braces that are clear, which also increases their popularity.

Currently, Carmel Valley Orthodontist is offering a complimentary exam to determine whether or not you need braces, and approximately how long you would need braces. Dr. Grant will work with you to help you determine exactly the type of braces that would suit your lifestyle and desires. You can contact him at 858.755.1515 to set up an appointment for your complimentary exam, today.

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