Yi Jianlian climbing over the “three big mountains”

China men’s basketball team in London’s Olympic game yesterday, with 16 points of the gap between the strongest opponent group defeat to Spain. China men’s basketball team and the world champion gap is still so distant and, but to make Chinese fans is exciting, yi in the war broke out. 30 points and 12 rebounds, 1 blocks and 1 steals, yi’s data force, the pressure BaKa gasol and Iraq in the effectiveness of three NBA star center, will the game’s leading scorer and rebounder title income bursa.

Spain not only strength is recognized as the best team, but also in the squad configuration is also the most g China men’s basketball team. China men’s basketball team the team at the London, squad only yi, wang zhizhi and ZhangZhaoXu three center, and in the position on the configuration of Spain than even the dream team also strong. The first quarter against pau gasol joined yi and wang zhizhi brother, two teams play tight. But yi midway through the second quarter to get the game’s third foul, and changes to the Chinese men’s basketball team after he in passive, Spain at half-time sent to open 12 points.

The second half again yi come on stage, open a wave more strong whirlwind. The most classical scene is his dribbling across the small pau gasol, both hands yan buckled to fill a BaKa of Iraq. Although at that time China men’s basketball team is behind the party, although China men’s basketball team were eventually did not save the day, but have so of the scene, whether China men’s basketball team members of China and off fans feel value!

“We take the Spanish frighten broke out in a cold sweat, but not to win the game. I was proud of the players for us. We must continue to work hard, have to find ways to keep yourself state better.” Chinese men’s basketball team coach after the game DengHua DE summary said. After yi because they highlight the data not proud, he said: “I the first half to three fouls, the team played just half strikes, and finally defeat because the small mistake. Or the last quarter to grasp the opportunity of the Spanish worth learning ability, their strength in the above us.”

4 o ‘clock this afternoon, China men’s basketball team will have the second group stage opponents Russia, Russia in the opening game against the host for the British team 20 points, the new season will join the NBA Minnesota andrei kirilenko opener amazing to 35 points.

Pau gasol will yi as the “new yao”

China men’s basketball team Olympic game with a 16 points suffered the end, but the Chinese men’s basketball team therefore didn’t feel depressed, public opinion and no so flat and see the Chinese men’s basketball team, because the light is so brilliant yi yesterday on the back of the game is still full of expectation.

“Yi more used to attack from outside, YaoMingZe is an inside player. But now also do the yi yao do, will the team on the shoulders, he received today the 30 points, we also use a lot of people to take turns on him and he shot is very good, from outside attacks to lead this team, can open space to help the team. Cheap Nike Shoes The location of the yi more on in, is by me, but later on him up after the BaKa Iraq, yi’s attack by some, but the more I more close to the inside, this is the arrangement of tactics.” Spain star pau gasol’s big game for the performance of the yi big sing hymns.

China men’s basketball team coach after the game DengHua DE except for the game on the spot yi praised outside, still for yi last season on the mavericks Nike Air Max 2012 did not get the reuse and MingYuan. “In the past three years, I have been to see his progress, he became more and more mature, is now fully took over the team. I don’t know why in Dallas his playing time so little, and to know that he is the world’s best players, one of today’s event has complete display it.” DengHua DE said, Cheap Nike Shoes “as a leader he must stand up to speak, to encourage teammates, these he did, are under pressure to show oneself, these he also do, and that is why now our players to listen to his cause. Nike Air Max 2011 The past three or four months, I have always said that yi jianlian is in his career, the best stage today game proved this point.”