YazLawsuitTeam.com : New Website Offering Free Compensation Evaluation To Victims of Yaz side effects.

The new website Yaz Lawsuit Team, http://www.yazlawsuitteam.com/,has just been launched to help anyone who is considering filing aYaz Lawsuit. YazLawsuitTeam.com has announced that they are offering free compensation evaluations to all people who may have taken Yaz or Yasmin and experienced blood clots as a result.

The numbers of lawsuits filed because of Yaz have been growing exponentially over the past five years. Many women who placed their consumer trust in this product have had problems with blood clots, but some may not know if they have a legitimate claim or not. “This is where YazLawsuitTeam.com comes in. We really want to make sure all individuals who have suffered from taking Yaz are aware of their legal rights”, said site owner, Madeleine Ryder. “There was a real need for a central location that people can have their case evaluated quickly and appropriately”, he added.

It was ordered by the FDA that Bayer Pharmaceuticals, the makers of Yaz, include a black box warning on the packaging of Yaz, regarding the increased cardiovascular risks of using Yaz while smoking tobacco products. It is not only smokers, people who don’t smoke and use Yaz also have an increased risk of blood clots during the first 6 months they use Yaz. This action adds validity to Yaz lawsuits. Other than taking the drug off the market altogether, the black box warning is one of the most significant things the FDA can do.

Victimscan also use this site if theytook either Yasmin or Ocella, two brand names that Yaz has also been marketed under. These drugs are unique because they all have drospirenone, a synthetic progesterone. This is believed to be the factor that may play a significant part in raising the risk of side effects over other forms of birth control. The Yaz side effects are significant and potentially dangerous. Serious and sometimes life-threatening side effects from Yaz are pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, and other blood clots. Some other issues include but are not limited to headaches, an increased appetite, a decreased sex drive, bleeding between periods, nausea and vomiting, vaginal yeast infections and weight gain.

Not only was Yaz prescribed as a birth control medication, it is alleged that Bayer, the company that produced Yaz, marketed their drug to acne sufferers and women who suffer from premenstrual dysphonic disorder without properly informing them about the significant risk of blood clots. Any individual who was prescribed this medication for whatever reason and experienced Yaz Blood Clots may be eligible to participate in a lawsuit.

It is important to understand that yazlawsuitteam.com is not a lawyer site and does not provide legal advice in any way. This is a website designed to educate and inform all potential victims of this drug of the serious potential side effects. The website is also able to help people determine whether they have a case for a Yaz lawsuit by providing a free evaluation of your situation.Click here to visit the website YazLawsuitTeam.com.