Writers: For Whom Are You Currently Writing?

Authors could ply their trade for plenty of audiences: educational, tv, radio, Internet, young, previous, domestic, or foreign.The number of specific viewers is staggering.If you are a business writer, only have a look at various industries that are shown in Standard Industrial Classification Codes (SIC’s). There have to be thousands of the writers, and each one constitutes at the very least one market, and probably a whole lot more.As authors, we’ve implied readers, as well.Years ago, I noticed that daily newspapers are written so an eight grader can understand their contents. That’s an audience, right there: the average eighth grader.The President of The Usa has a key speechwriter, who in a true sense has an of one: the Commander In Chief. If he fails to please his employer, he’s beating the bushes with a notebook, but his intended audience is big, and it contains the collective unconscious of Americans dating back to the Revolution.I saw a film the other night about songwriter Cole Porter who made a successful change writing for the Nyc stage to movies. In a wonderful picture, he is told by a studio head to tone down his class and instead to produce for the average person.That abstraction of the average moviegoer is another implied audience.Of program, often a creative writer is actually communing with himself. He’s his own crowd and key critic.While he may be paid to craft a report for publication, his own standards of excellence or cleverness inform his work to such an extent that a self, the author he wants to be, is the person who is screening and analyzing his output.I feel it’s particularly useful to consider the question: For whom am I writing?The answers may surprise you, encourage you, or refocus you!

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