Why have my orders gone down???

So you have a good website, you designed it yourself and you think it’s great, you check on Google regularly and you can see that you’re towards the top of the searches, you get lots of people looking at your website but the orders are not going up? Why Not??

Well you can blame it on the recession; people have less money so they are unable to buy your products. Or is that the easy way out??? Is that an easy excuse? People are coming to your website, so clearly the customer wants the product, but for some reason they do not want it from you?

It could be your pricing, but chances are they saw the item and the price on the search engine before they clicked through to your website, so what else could it be?

Unfortunately it’s looking likely that it could be, sadly, the website itself. This is where the “bounce back” comes in, customers come to your website, and for some reason they do not stay.

It could be the lay out, meaning it is hard for the customer to find their way around the website, they cannot find what they are looking for.

It may be that the website looks to trendy, not trendy enough, too ‘young’ or too ‘old’, in general, the website does not appeal to the customer your business needs to appeal to.

Maybe you have background music when the customer loads your website up, or worse than that the website takes so long to load up that the customer does not want to wait for the website to load up, or for the next page to load.

Good Website Designers, like i3Media know what links, gadgets, attachments and widgets to put onto your website, to make it better, but to ensure that the page does not then take longer to load up.The intelligent, lovely and charming people at i3Media have over 8yrs experience in designing websites for all sorts of people, from tools to TV programs, Trendy Clothes to Trade Education and most in between. This means that we have experience of what clients want, we have experience of how to attract the right customers to our clients’ websites through SEO, but also using the right colours, wording, writing style, lay out, pictures and more, on the website itself to keep the customers on the website, with the expectation that they will then order.

If you think your website can do with a little bit more (or less) va va voom, then call the helpful people of i3Media, they know your customers as well as you.

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