Wheeler’s Pest Control services – protect your home, business and peace of mind!

When you think of pests, several things occur – everyone at some point has lived in a place where there is some bug activity – but there is a line, and after that line is crossed the person whose house it is realizes that help is needed. The line before you reach it may be gray, but when you get there finally it won’t be at all – you will be calling professional help.

When you reach that stage, and if you live in the Los Angeles area, then call on Wheeler’s Pest Control – a family owned and operated business that has serviced Orange County and Los Angeles faithfully. They will listen carefully to your problem, and devise a specific plan of action to stop whatever infestation you might be experiencing, from bedbugs to birds to bees and gophers, Wheeler’s pest control services will make sure you get a good night’s rest.

The one time home cleanout is the starting point to all of the pest reduction plan’s that Wheeler’s Pest Control offers; it includes spider web removal, spraying lawns and bushes around the house, spraying the foundation of your home, placing snail control product and specific ant control measures if necessary.

From there Wheeler’s offers monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly service – most pests can be controlled without treating the inside of the house, but some pests will require inside home treatments; in fact, after the initial treatment 95% of the work is done outside the house; when the trained, professional workers are done they will lock gates to back yards (if necessary) and leave the invoice at the front door – if you have problems in between the treatments, just call and there is no charge.

Wheeler’s Pest Control is also licensed to deal with larger animals, such as opossums and raccoons – these types of animals take specialty cages and are a bit harder to deal with, but rest assured that Wheeler’s Pest Control has all the experience equipment – and all the licenses – ready to go.

Wheeler’s Pest Control also offers a full suite of services to commercial customers, including hospitals, warehouse and manufacturing, property management companies and food processing plants. Businesses know that prevention is key to stopping a problem before it appears, and businesses have special concerns as there are many more ways for pests to be introduced into their place of business – anything shipped in can be a carrier of a fresh set of pests, so an ongoing plan of action is recommended for businesses before anything becomes a problem. Commercial real estate offers many more ways for these pests to find their way to you, but they can be stopped in their tracks before they cause embarrassment and money.

If you are at that point – that point where a can of Raid is just not cutting the mustard and you need a company that offers a full range of pest control services, then call on Wheeler’s Pest Control and let the professionals take care of this aspect of your home or business maintenance. Leave the job to Wheeler’s Pest Control, and sleep easy at night knowing you are in good hands.