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Added Treatment for Prostate Cancer May Enhance Improved OutcomesA recent article in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed improved survival in men who experienced a mixture of androgen withdrawal and radiation treatments. In the study of 206 men who’d localized prostate cancer. This research is important because of the shortened time of male hormone sup- pression. There are many unwanted effects with long term reduction. When compared with radiation alone the combination therapy improved survival from 78% to 88%. Doctor Bob’s Take: this was a well executed study and might be a landmark study. It could be the foundation of a new treatment solution for men with prostate cancer that is localized. A bigger study however is still needed to be certain these results can be duplicated. MRI Screening for Breast CancerA recent article in the Newest England Journal of Medicine indicated that MRI assessment for women who are at risky for breast cancer was far better. Risky was defined as those women who’d family history of breast cancer and those who are genetically predisposed with optimistic BRCA assessments. In the study 1900 women the study picked up 51 women with breast cancer that 20 weren’t discovered by program mammograms or breast examinations. The women were adopted typically for 2.9 years.Dr Bobs Take: This is equally bad and good news. The good news is that another analytical technique is starting to be useful for high risk women. The bad news will there be are several false positive results. Fake optimistic is where there is a problem thought to be a tumor but ends up it wasn’t. Schedule mammograms have much less false positives. Also, the MRI methods differ widely from center to center. Substance + Therapy Combo Best for Teen DepressionA major research has demonstrated that the combination of guidance therapy and anti depressants are superior to either alone. This was research completed through Duke University. There have been 439 kids age 12 -17 y.o. There was less suicide inclination with the combination. Dr Bobs Take: I’d agree in my experience the combined therapy and medication work best for kids in the high risk for suicide. Flu Vaccine Will Be LateAbout half of the flu vaccine will be late achieving physicians practices. One of both manufacturers, Chiron Corp, has had disease problems and is destroying about one million doses. Suggestions for getting Flu vaccine are:1. People 65 years and older2. Those with chronic lung (including asthma), center, diabetes, HIV/Aids or considering chemotherapy3. People in nursing homes4. Children a few months or older who have serious heart or lung conditions5. Children or adults who’ve been hospitalized during the past year6. Children 6 months to 18 years of age that are on long-term aspirin therapy 7. Women who’ll be pregnant during influenza season8. All kids 6 month to 23 weeks of age9. People 54?? 64 y.o.8. Individuals living with those with the chronic illnesses shown above.Dr Bobs Take: those that are at risky (# 1 to 4) should be vaccinated early (October). For anyone an visit should be made by you along with your doctor NOW. By end of November or middle December everybody who needs it should be your vaccinnated. Causes of Heart AttacksIn a study presented by Dr Yusuf to the European Cardiology Conference showed that up to 90% of all heart attacks can be found to be caused by more than one of these factors.1. Smoking2. Abnormal cholesterol3. Diabetes4. High blood pressure5. Stress6. Abdominal obesity7. Sedentary lifestyle8. Eating too few fruits and vegetables9. Abstaining from alcoholDr Bobs Take: we eventually have a study that offers us the causes for 90% of heart attacks. Until now it’s been believed that these elements simply accounted for approximately 54% of heart attacks. We are able to now take control of these factors and focus on lowering them.Full Body CT ScansI am sure you’ve all read the ads, get your entire body CT scan and capture illnesses early?. Well the American College of Radiology has explained since there is an important risk of developing cancer from the radiation given during the examination that these not be performed on healthy individuals. Having one verification probably does little to enhance this risk but multiple ones definitely do.Dr Bobs Take: It’s been believed that one entire system ct check could be equivalent of getting between 1000 and 2000 chest x-rays. We have to understand that each does of light is additive throughout our life. Stents for Arteries to the BrainThe FDA accepted a stent for individuals who have had strokes or individuals with signs of pre-stroke (TIA?s). A stent is a wire mesh which moves inside blocked arteries to help keep them open. You’ve seen of stents useful for individuals with heart obstructions. The new stents can be used today for people who can’t tolerate surgery on the carotid arteries (blood vessels ultimately causing the brain). Within thirty days of starting the procedure, patients were not as likely to die, or endure a stroke or heart attack than patients who had undergone surgery, the reports suggested. Doctor Bobs take: That is a brand new unit and there needs to be more experience gained with the usage of it. Unless this could be the only alternative I would not recommend rushing in to this. And make certain that your physician has received experience in using this first. You don?t need to be the very first individual to be operated on. Increased Death Rate With AntibioticA research in the New England Journal of Medicine indicates an increased chance of death connected with the antibiotic Erythromycin when taken with specific cardiac and high blood pressure drugs. A review by a team of scientists looked over more than 4,000 people which then was concentrated to 1,476 files. The associated drugs involved Verelan and Isoptin for verapamil, Cardizem and Tiazac for diltiazem. Doctor Bobs Take: this is more studies are required by a preliminary analysis which to confirm it. For the deaths was when these medicines were used that the focus of erythromycin was improved the cause diagnosed. Until this review is tested out by studies I would just speak with your doctor if your are on some of the cardiac drugs listed above. Some Good News For Chocolate LoversAnother document from the European Cardiology conference indicates that eating black candy generates more flexibility for the blood vessels. Difficult or stiff blood vessels make us more prone to heart problems. The research was done on a tiny group of 17 teenagers but increases growing literature on the benefits of candy. The negative results of this are the potential for folks to achieve weight and eliminate the benefits of the candy. Doctor Bobs Take: Although I’m chocolate lover myself the reports to date aren’t well controlled or big enough to make any solid suggestions like we have for wine.

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