Visiting Training Recommendations – Delegate Disadvantages to Personal Colleagues

One of many things that I noticed when I started out within my business was that I was doing anything. I was operating 60, 70 hours per week. Then after 6 months, I lay down and viewed my money and my cash flow and I realized I was building a little over $300 per job. That was with a considerable amount of time and effort expended.I quickly realized this was a quick journey to burnout, and that if I was going to be successful, I needed to do two things:1) Build long-term relationships with clients so I didn’t have to continually be knocking on doors all the time.2) I needed to be smarter about how I managed my business.This is actually getting down to how you operate. How do you support yourself in a business when you are an expert, or independent trainer?When you’re a person who is the sole owner or the sole employee in your firm, anything happens because of how you choose to use your time.A great method to examine how well you perform is to do a time management information. What did you do that helped to make new clients, revenue, income, or benefit to your clients? Was it opening the mail? Was it researching on the net? Was it reading somebody’s blog or was it speaking before a specific audience of professionals at a business association?Was it placing time into your blog to send out a new post or some new data that had relevance based on a talk with a customer you just had two days before? Think about how you use your time.After looking at how you use your time consider this question: What are the activities that I do well and what’re the activities that I don’t do well?For example, I’m more of an idea thinker, a huge picture guy. When it comes to the depth stuff, it’s not my specialty. I have an assistant who has been with me for eight years. She’s fabulous as it pertains to the details.I am involved in the front end, I handle issues, and trouble-shoot with customers and prospects. I am there to ensure that she successfully gets to the goal line, but she does 90% of the project.She isn’t a staff, but a builder. She does not work in the same office I do she works out of a house office. We work nearly, she’s a virtual assistant.This is a great principle and very common today, especially for sole proprietors, independent professionals, and solo experts like us.There are people who specialize in specific areas to give a service that will help you be more effective in your business.I have a virtual assistant for a couple reasons:*She is good at the items that I struggle with.*It gives me time to really concentrate on using my skills and my skill in areas where I’m most effective.If you’re operating torn trying to do anything in your own business, be clever with your time and expertise, retain a virtual assistant. You’ll get back several hours a week so you can focus on the activities that only you can do to develop your business.

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