VetEducation Hosts the 3rd International Online Veterinary Conference with LocalPlaceXpo

San Francisco, CA –– July 19th , 2012 –– VetEducation will host the 3rd International Online Veterinary Conference with the world 1st all-in-1 Virtual Expo LocalPlaceXpo and eZ-Xpo on July 16th to 26th in Australia.

“We are excited about the innovative approach for Virtual Conference and Trade Show with partnership with LocalPlaceXpo and eZ-Xpo because it will allow us to host unlimited virtual expo events and business opportunities with diverse themes and industries for specific target audience for all our members and partners.

“We have researched many virtual event platforms in the industry for the past few years. We chose eZ-Xpo and LocalPlaceXpo because they were cost-effective and their platform looked clean and attractive.” said Dr. Charisma Judge, Director, VetEducation. “Each exhibitor can showcase their latest and greatest products/services in their own virtual booth with videos, and brochures on an on-going basis. Most importantly, it will help solve the traditional follow-up and on-going collaboration challenges with automatic follow-up for every qualified prospect and strategic partner for a long-term sustainable business relationship.”

The key unique differentiator of LocalPlaceXpo is to deliver the best of all business marketing services with built-in marketing automation, virtual office applications seamlessly integrated in one single Xpo portal. Company will not have to piecemeal multiple social media touch points with complex technology integrations and hassles.

“I applaud The VetEducation on their forward thinking and innovative approach to provide the latest cloud technologies for the Veterinary Health industry with our new game changer platform, “ said Matt Fok, Chief Executive Officer at eZ-Xpo. “Our Virtual Xpo Marketplace Platform is perfectly suited to help bridge the digital divide across all industries with speed and cost-effectiveness.”

The LocalPlaceXpo is also equipped with social learning application with a wide variety of educational resources with both on-demand and live options. It is designed to keep its membership abreast of all key industry trends and tools.

For more detailed information regarding this virtual event, please contact Dr. Charisma Judge at info@veteducation.com.au or Matt Fok at mfok@eZ-Xpo.com,



About Veteducation

At Veteducation our mission is to provide you with practical, relevant distance learning of the highest standards. The directors of Veteducation, Philip and Charisma Judge, are dedicated to providing you with continuing education opportunities that present the most up-to-date knowledge, delivered to you by experienced veterinarians, who have a passion for teaching.

Our lecturers and course tutors are veterinarians with extensive post graduate training, qualifications and experience in the fields of small animal medicine, surgery, and veterinary emergency and critical care.

Visit www.veteducation.com.au for more information.

About LocalPlaceXpo

LocalPlaceXpo, a new game changer of our core eZ-Xpo Marketplace foundation specifically designed for local business to jumpstart local business with unlimited virtual local expo opportunities. Our Virtual Expo Marketplace platform delivers live engagement and on-demand collaboration capabilities that maximizes ROI through web conferences, virtual booth, social learning, and marketing automation for external customers and prospects and internal employees and partners. In addition to expanding local reach and market presence, it enables new virtual business network ecosystem across strategic eZ-Xpo network marketplaces for global networking opportunities and collaboration with social networking integration.

Visit http://LocalPlaceXpo.com/ for more information.

About eZ-Xpo

eZ-Xpo is a revolutionary new approach to virtual events and virtual trade show. eZ-Xpo delivers the world’s 1st all-in-1 virtual expo marketplace that seamlessly integrates with built-in marketing campaigns to follows up with prospect during and after the event. eZ-Xpo goes beyond traditional trade show and virtual event tools by harnessing the power of the Internet, proven best of class marketing automation technologies (i.e., eZ-Contact and eZ-Web Meeting) and making everything available to you in an integrated and intuitive online interface.

Visit http://eZ-Xpo.com/ for more information.