Us Bathtub Manufacturer Improves Online Shopping Experience For Customers

[Grandview, MO] – July 22, 2012 – Green initiatives are spreading across the United States at a faster pace than ever before and those businesses in all industries are discovering that they have a lot of changes to make if they want to keep up with the current rate of change. Consumers are no longer willing to tolerate businesses that are concerned just with profits and not with the impact they have on the environment. Manufacturers, especially, face a significant amount of pressure to do the right thing and help reduce waste. Carver Tubs, a leading manufacturer of bathtubs based in the US, has already begun to do this and today their products, such as drop in bathtubs, are made through new methods that reduce waste in a big way. The green initiatives they have introduced set out to eliminate the use of VOC gel coated fiberglass, something the automotive industry has found can make a strong contribution to a cleaner environment. Instead, the tub manufacturer relies on a more environmentally friendly type of acrylic that creates a strong, durable tub which looks good and does not require emissions the way that fiberglass variants did in the past. This is a small step forward, but one part of the company’s overall drive to make as many positive changes to their manufacturing process as possible.

Carver Tubs is based in Grandview, Missouri and has been serving customers for close to 30 years, creating gorgeous bathtubs that please the demands of homeowners and plumbers alike. Their full line up of tubs includes two person bathtubs, oval bathtubs, corner tubs and whirlpool tubs. Each of these is being produced in greener and more efficient ways that are making sure homeowners have access to the very best in bathtubs they can be proud to install and own. Part of what Carver Tubs helps homeowners do, in the end, is improve the value of their home and make it more comfortable at the same time. As the company continues its self administered green initiatives, it is sure to find plenty of customers nationwide who care greatly that it has taken such important steps to bettering the way its business improves Earth’s environment.

To learn more about each of the tubs offered by Carver Tubs, visitors should head to carvertubs.com today. Or they can call toll free 1-866-592-8169 to speak with someone over the phone.

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