Upgraded Version of Tweet Analysis

We are the leading IT company who works in several technologies like SEO , social media, and in website designing. We have been working in these fields since last 3 years. Now we entered in work of Android Applications.

We launched our very popular android application “Tweet analysis” on 23rd May, 2012. Because of a great response by people for this application, we add some more features to this application.

First I introduced you to our Tweet Analysis application:
a) Tweet Analysis : This is the general feature of our application. There are basically main two features. From those two features this is one of the main feature, which has its plenty of sub features mentioned in detailed as below.
Key Features :
– User Statistics : In this we provide,
• Profile Picture of the User
• Total Number of Followers
• Total Number of Following
• Total Tweets
• Profile Created Date
• Average Tweet Count Per Day

– Last Month Tweet Analysis :
• Tweet Analysis : It contains The day on which you have done more Tweets, Exact Time on which you have done more Tweets, # used by you are shown in # cloud, Keywords you use the most, will show with counts and Most mentions used by you, will show with counts.
• Retweet Analysis: It contains your total Retweet Count, your top Tweet with Retweet count & date, top 5 user’s tweets you re-tweeted the most.

– Followers Analysis : Followers Analysis includes all the data of the followers including their #tag as well as other information of your recent 1000 followers. Follower Analysis itself divided into Three parts mentioned as below.
• Top 5 Followers Location
• Top 5 Followers # Tag
• General Information

b) Keyword analysis : And the other main second feature of our application is keyword analysis. In which it will show last 1000 tweets result of the keyword which you have entered. And the main advantage of this feature is that, this whole will show on a Google map and it will be categorized from highest count of tweets to the lowest count of tweets.

Now lets see the updates of Tweet Analysis :

– Top 5 users who use a particular keyword the most: Suppose you write “SEO” keyword than you can get top five users who used the most this keyword. Means you can get top five users who used this keyword recently with count.
– Top 5 # used with the keyword: You can get a top 5 # tags result used with this keyword in the tweet.
– Top 5 mention (@) used with the keyword: Top 5 users who mentioned the most in tweet with this keyword.
– Top 5 languages used to tweet for particular keyword: Top 5 results of different languages used in tweet with this keyword.
– Sentiment analysis of the tweet: Here you can know about your tweet that it is positive, negative or neutral with tweet text.
– The time taken for recent 1000 tweets of this keyword: Type any keyword and you can see the time taken for recent 1000 tweets of this keyword.

Download Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.letsnurture.tweet_analysis feature=more_from_developer#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEwMiwiY29tLmxldHNudXJ0dXJlLnR3ZWV0X2FuYWx5c2lzIl0

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