The Weber Q100 Evaluation – The Portable Grill With An Attitude

In this short Weber q100 review I’m planning to highlight a few of the items that make this little lightweight grill worth taking a good look at. While there are several portable grills on the industry today, the reality is that a lot of them do not live up to the expectations of the person using them. I’d a cheap portable grill before I ordered my q100 and had nothing but difficulties with it. Now I could get my grill anywhere and not have to concern yourself with whether or not my grill will begin and if I will manage to grill that night.Anyway, the q100 packs quite an impact for a little grill. To begin with it heats up quickly, gets a whole lot warmer then you might think, and only runs on the small 14oz propane tank to power its low BTU production burner. When it comes to BTU output, more is not always better and the q100 is extremely effective on energy, while providing a fantastic cooking experience.I really like how Weber created this grill to be both lightweight and versatile. You can carry it with you to the beach, on a, or just use it in your house, and with the help of the 20lb propane tank adapter and the Weber coming basket, it can be used by you just like a normal grill. It has the capability to feed about 4 people at a time so you could grill for yourself or for you and some friends or family members.The cooking area is crafted from cast iron that’s coated in a porcelain enamel so it’ll not rust and is easy to completely clean. Not only this, but the cast iron building keeps in the heat and you can actually sear a beef or other meat like a master. It also leaves these great grill marks on the food, nearly like you see in the pictures.As you can see, this little grill can do all of the things you would expect from a grill and still function like a normal grill, all for less than 150 pounds (who says you can’t have your cake and eat it to?) So when you’ve been waiting to get a portable grill for the approaching cooking season, you really can not fail with the Weber q100 grill. Hopefully you’ve found this brief report on the q100 beneficial.

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