The unique design of the Tube Top Dress season much the favorite

Voluptuous Tee Dress
The unique design of the Tube Top Dress season much the favorite of the MM are sleek, sexy full. Reveal a matte finish Xiangjian, distribute aesthetic temperament. Either plain colors or patterned style, is so exquisitely done, and worth having.
01 dull summer, eye-catching red makes all the difference, the dazzling scenery. Large area covering the skirt cartoon doll images, playful, cute, to ease the burning red vision!
02 Bra ultra-short, sexy, feminine and where are the focus. Bright strips of metal, with a heavy metal feel, but the selection of light colors for a whole there is no sense of burden, reflecting the taste discount karen millen dresses of the wearer’s high-profile.
03 full sense of sweet Rose multi-layer chiffon flounced word strapless collar edge, making the cake cascading fluffy chiffon elegant visual effects, full of lovely flavor of hearts pattern, the dark blue background is more skirt high-grade, enhance MM qualities.
04 M-type chest line splicing black fabric tantamount chic bow like modified Xiongxing, the looming hemisphere is really a girl’s best temptation weapons, the hem of the net yarn crossover design, such as karen millen dresses the lattice sense, revealed another charming luster, is also not exaggerated the contrary, a high-profile elegance.
05 elegant sense of net yarn skirt, transparent visible to the end of the inner white Slim skirt, very skillfully bridged, it was amazing! Black leopard outer layer of the end of the splicing Bra style, making the skirt looks like the waist design, style, set off the body tall.
06 texture thin, transparent, soft, flowing chiffon dress, comfortable, lightweight, even if it is a warm red in the karen millen dress hot summer, there will be a cool feeling. Sexy bare shoulders fold decoration, slender figure is immediately apparent.
07 The flouncing modification of the layers of the skirt, sweet, charming, rich and colorful. Waist circumference at the tightness of the clothes naturally drawn to the dress will be divided into two parts, the proportion of elongated upper body to make you more flavor.