The Top 5 Reasons Spouses Cheat

It seems that you cannot go one day without hearing about a public figure caught in some type of infidelity scandal. They are fully aware that in this age of camera phones, twenty four hour news and the world wide web that they are being watched more closely than ever before. That does not stop them one bit.

The same may be stated for unfaithful spouses who are not in the public spotlight. Although they might not need to worry about never ending paparazzi, there are lots of people watching what they are doing.

So why do people in this day and age cheat on their mate? Probably for the very same reasons folks have cheated ever since the outset of relationships. Arguably the main reasons are:

1. Lust

It is as basic as it gets. A spouse comes across somebody that catches their eye and all bets are off. They want this person no matter the repercussions. Once they satisfies their craving the process starts yet again. It is like an individual addicted to alcohol who can never get their fill.

2. Insecurity

The husband or wife for whatever reason does not feel very good about themselves. Never mind they are married to a person that loves them deeply and also continuously conveys to him or her how wonderful they really are. It still is not sufficient. Therefore they go out and have an affair in the hopes that it can fill the emptiness they feel yet at the same time knowing it won’t. The insecure mate may be overcome with guilt for their actions nonetheless it does not stop him or her from being unfaithful.

3. Feels Good

This is the bunch which tells themselves that life is way too short therefore you have to gratify yourself in whatever way possible. If that happens to be in the shape of an extramarital affair so be it. No one should ever deny their self of enjoyment. Besides they do not mean any harm. It is what it is.

4. Monotony

The couple are in a completely predictable pattern so the philandering spouse is looking for a little excitement. Anything that can break up the boredom thereby making them feel alive once again. The best way to achieve this is connect with somebody and carry on an extramarital relationship. They are fully aware that it is not right but the thrill of being liberated from the boredom of daily life is worth the gamble.

5. Uncertainty

Your spouse does not know what they want. One minute it is domestic tranquility the next minute it is the overwhelming urge to be single and playing the field. They really like the idea of marriage yet aren’t completely willing to turn their back on what they experienced before.