The Secret World Character Progression Overview

In an any role-playing game, one must know how to develop a character in order to progress deeper into the game. However, unlike most of the MMORPGs, the upcoming game called The Secret World does not have classes nor levelling systems. Instead, Funcom has created a game that allows players to build their own characters through their own choices of weapons, skills, and abilities with the help of talismans, gears, and other consumable items. So what will the player’s joinery be like?

Player’s progression in reference to the Secret World leveling guide depends on the amount of experience points that players acquire. Players receive experience points mainly by killing monsters, winning in PvP battlefields, completing missions, and crafting items using transcribing system. These experience points are shown at the bottom of the screen in the experience bar. When one third of the bar is filled up, the player receives an ability point. This ability point is to be used to purchase abilities in the ability wheel. There are 525 abilities available for all players, and a player can potentially learn every single ability in this game. However, player must pick 7 active abilities and 7 passive abilities. There are tons of combinations of weapons and abilities that players could try. Using those combinations, players can move further into the game’s storyline. http://fycgaming.net/tsw-the-kingsmouth-code-walkthrough-guide/

On the other hand, when a player fills up the whole experience bar, the player receives a skill point. A skill point is used to specialize in a weapon. The weapon skills in The Secret World guide contains a levelling system starting from 1 to 10. Players may equip up to two weapons at a time. Each weapon has two roles, where one role is always to damage the target. Second role varies from healing ability, supporting ability, and to player’s survivability. For example, weapon skills of hammers include survivability skills such as mitigation buff and increase in health. Whereas, blood magic includes healing ability such as blood shield, which creates a shield-like barrier that helps restore the target’s health. By increasing the weapon skills, players may equip stronger weapons, and may develop one’s own form of gameplay.

The amount of experience points needed to gain an ability point or a skill point is set statistically by the developer. However, there are tons of battlefields, war zones, and missions that will provide players with experience points. There are xp-bonus for players who have successfully kills a strong monster. There is a coloring system that tells if a monster is lower, equal, or higher than oneself; monsters will be colored green, yellow, or red respectively. Gain as much experience points as possible to build one and only one character in the world.