The Importance Of Rodent Exterminators And Your Homes Safety

Many homeowners choose to manage pest control on their own. This process often includes a combination of strategies designed to make the space less desirable to roaches, bed bugs and other types of pests. Along with keeping the home clean and thus minimizing the potential for providing food for pests such as rats or mice, homeowners will often make use of over the counter products to kill any invaders into the living space. Along with commercial products, some people prefer to use time-honored methods of preparing anti-pest compounds using natural ingredients.

With winter upon us, we are approaching that time of year where rodents become more of a pest then ever and rat control becomes essential. As we are all aware, the harsh winter conditions often send rats looking for warmth and shelter. Unfortunately more often then not, their chosen winter accommodation includes our homes or businesses. For this reason, rat control must be considered, whether preventative or reactive. While rats are a pest feared by many, including myself, it is important we understand how this pest lives in order for us to be able to prevent them from entering our homes. A rat’s incisor teeth are yellow and don’t stop growing until they die. Rats have been proven to make a laughter-like noise (unable to be heard by the human ear alone) when tickled and dream while sleeping. Rats have terrible eyesight and therefore are rarely seen in the middle of rooms or clearings where their body guard hairs aren’t touching the perimeter of a landmark or wall.

Rats will eat around 30g of food a day and drink 60ml of liquids. Despite this, it is important to remember that rats are disease ridden pests which must be treated with professional pest control. The rate at which they reproduce can see a few rodents turn into an infestation very quickly. Not only is it unpleasant to have rats in your home, it is also a serious health and safety issue impacting your family, friends, pets and environment. There are a variety of ratcontrol methods that can be used to get rid of rats in your home, these include traps, baiting and glue boards.Dependant on your environment and the severity of the infestation the treatment required will differ.For advice on the best prevention and rat control methods in your home contact a professional pest control provider.

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