The Different Types of Window Blinds

A window blind is a window covering that could be made out of metal, fabric, plastic, or wood and serves to block light entering from a window. Even blinds with motorization are an option. Blinds come in a variety of shapes and sizes and the best choice for your situation will be driven by a combination of functionality and style.

There are two basic varieties of blinds; horizontal and vertical. Horizontal blinds use typically use a ladder system that allows the blind slats to be tilted as well as drawn to an upper attachment rail. The most common use for these blinds is for covering windows.

Vertical blinds use a series of slats that hang from a top rail that allows them to be both rotated and drawn to the side or center. The flexibility of vertical blinds makes them especially usefull as exterior doorway coverings. Fredrick and Edward Bopp dreamed up the first vertical blinds in Kansas City, Missouri. In the 1960’s they sold all patents and their entire company called Sun Vertical.

The More Common Styles of Window Blinds in Barrington

Slat or Persian

The most common type of blinds are Slat. They are made up of many horizontal slats. A series of strings hold together what is most commonly vinyl or metal slats. This helps control the amount of light between each slat. This design also allows for the blinds to be pulled up al the way exposing the entire window. Slat or Persian style blinds can be made of plastic, metal, or stiffened fabric.


Venetian blinds can be made from plastic, natural products such as wood and bamboo, or metal. These horizontal blinds can be rotated at almost 180 degrees. When being rotated, the slats will be in sync with each other. A cord or tape like a strip of cloth is used to open and close them.


Vertical blinds tend to be stronger and more durable than horizontal blinds. They tend to get less dirty since there is less surface for dust and dirt to settle upon. Like horizontal blinds, vertical blinds can be made from a wide variety of materials. However, most commonly they are made from plastic.

Vertical blinds are frequently used for exterior doors. Though vertical blinds are a more durable choice, you must still be careful when using them in a high traffic doorway so they are not damaged. Their thickness helps provide an insulating layer against drafts in the winter while they also excel in blocking the sun, thus reducing your air conditioning load in the summer.

Cellular Blinds

The most stylish and sophisticated blinds on the market are the Honeycomb Blinds and Cellular Blinds developed by Hunter Douglas Window Treatments and marketed under their Silhouettes and Duets product lines.

When you see the blind from the side it looks like a series of honeycombs the blinds it looks like a honeycomb. In addition to being beautiful, these blinds are extremely energy efficient. The cells create pockets of insulating air that keep the room more comfortable in both winter and summer.

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