The Consequences of China Practice Seats Regulations

Dec 1st 2010, China Railway Ministry included new rules on Railway Passengers Transportation Rule. According to the new regulations, if the individuals miss their train, their tickets will undoubtedly be ineffective. This means that after miss the train, ticket won’t be changed to another which is for next train.The new regulations force the passengers to leave enough time to catch their train. Many People have known the new principles and the occurrence of missing train is less than before. Mrs. Zhao went to train station with two hours beforehand in order to avoid missing the train and left home. “I recognize the revision of the principles, it’s great for us” She said.However, some individuals comment that this revision should range from the settlement of train appearance late. Mr. Lin from Nanjing proposed that “China Railway Ministry should consider concerning the interest of passengers, like what type of compensation should brought to the passengers for birth late.”On one other hand, the new regulations include student tickets to be purchased by the problems. You will find 3 circumstances which students can’t buy tickets were added. One, the student doesn’t register to the discount of student tickets for his/her student ID in School. Two, the student discount card in the student ID does not have the press of School seal. Three, the student doesn’t have student discount card or his/her card can’t be recognized. Certainly, the principles of shopping for student discount tickets are much more label than before. It appears that it will be good to manager the student discount tickets promoting. But many individuals in collages protest that the student discount card is not quality. The magnetism of the card will disappear by degrees and it effects in being unrecognized by test equipment. In that case, the students need to apply for a brand new one. It’s absolutely frustrating.

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