the adidas Group has been investigating puma store uk on

We support the Tiger and his family, the first battle of his return to the game, we have chosen to launch this advertising, and to point up his strong words of his father. Nike so the ad’s creative interpretation of the media, “We have decided to continue to employ the Woods, and so must put their interests and his bundled. “Such support eventually Nike to get high nike lunar trainers returns. Woods arrived Dao Augusta, originally $ 200 a race one-day ticket blooms more than 10 times, soaring more than $ 3,800. Woods behind watching “full package of special awards ceremony seats and the players dinner package pushed up to $ 8,000 a sky-high price, online.

Online is also a wave of surging. The official website of the CBS sports channel reported Thursday a total of more than 550,000 visitors to view the topic of the website of the U.S. Masters and the number has more than doubled over the same period in 2009.Network trends monitoring company Zeta Interactive to analyze the posts of the blog, forums, and vibram outlet store mass media network concluded that 86% of the post to those who have the feel of the ad is positive.The second day of the Woods, Nike stock the previous day’s increase of 0.25%; EA video game stock price rose $ 0.05, broadcasters CBS shares rose 1.8 percent. The most embarrassing is the AT & T AT & T is the race’s sponsors, but there has lifted the endorsement contract with Tiger Woods. With AT & T the same choice as well as Accenture and PepsiCo, at the same time, PepsiCo shares fell $ 0.12, Accenture shares fell $ 0.5.

Greenpeace said in a report, Adidas, Nike and other well-known clothing brand in the emissions of two suppliers of industrial wastewater containing nonylphenol (NP), perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and other toxic and hazardous substances, can interfere with the endocrine and affect the human reproductive system. Yangcheng Evening News reporter to verify the Adidas headquarters, Yang Qian said, the person in charge of its Customer Service Department, the adidas Group has been investigating puma store uk on. They confirmed to Greenpeace, the current cooperative relationship of the Adidas Group and Youngor Group is limited to cut and sew clothing, did not involve fabric access, if the latter, may lead to the dye, the use of chemicals and water treatment technology and other issues.